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VTS launches new tenant experience tech

Proptech company’s new solution, VTS Activate, expected to transform workplace management and building operations.

Commercial real estate tech platform VTS recently announced it launched a new tenant experience technology offering, VTS Activate. The solution builds on the property technology (proptech) company’s current presence in the tenants’ experience space. VTS activate will deliver CRE owners and operators new tech and insights across an entire portfolio, allowing them to create enhanced experiences for tenants and bringing additional value.

VTS Activate is designed to help its customers solve today’s unique challenges such as low tenant demand, evolving tenant expectations, and the pivot toward hybrid work policies. The platform enables CRE owners and operators to create a fully integrated office experience. It’s built with critical technology to retain tenants while differentiating their assets and portfolio, with data and connectivity powered by the VTS Platform.

Additionally, VTS Activate provides tenants with a seamless on-site experience and the capability to manage their day-to-day needs and activity within a building on one centralized app. It offers “one-app, access anywhere” functionality; a landlord’s entire portfolio is now opened to tenants, giving them the capability to choose where they want to work. Today’s workers gain the flexibility they demand as well as a higher level of value.

VTS Activate also allows CRE owners to turn their portfolios into an interconnected branded ecosystem – they can now provide their tenants with offerings and experiences across the many places they choose to work.

“Given the challenges of today’s commercial real estate market, retention is of the utmost importance for landlords, and they need to be armed with a solution that activates every tenant, space, and team within a building – deepening relationships with occupants and their talent, while gaining insights that help teams understand their tenants, how they’re using space, and the value they get from it,” said Nick Romito, CEO of VTS. “The launch of VTS Activate brings this all together in one app for owners and operators and is the result of our considerable investment and commitment to providing the industry with the ultimate tenant experience solution – one that puts the tenant at the forefront.”

With native operations features and sophisticated tools designed to deliver the right communications, content, and experiences to the right audience, VTS Activate delivers a personal end-to-end experience at scale, driving engagement and increasing sentiment. Through insights that measure sentiment health and activity, landlords can best anticipate tenant needs, navigate renewals and expand relationships.

“Emerging on the other side of the pandemic, the notion of where we work has significantly expanded, and a ‘workplace’ is no longer solely a tenant suite – it’s a home office, flex space, breakout rooms, and more,” said Gijo Mathew, chief product officer of VTS.  “VTS Activate provides landlords with the digital infrastructure to accommodate the mobility of today’s tenants, as they look to their landlords and building operators to connect spaces in a way like never before.

“Additionally, owners continue to struggle with uncertainty about tenants, their likelihood to renew, and how they’re using space. The data and insights that VTS Activate yields allow for a greater level of clarity on tenant behavior to dictate improved operations, the health of tenant relationships, and ultimately, the best portfolio strategy.”

While VTS Activate delivers insights, access control and operations management, it also serves as a direct, branded channel between the landlord, building manager, tenant companies and their talent, so the right message can be delivered to the right audience. It also delivers marketing capabilities that let community managers create highly configurable, branded programming across their spaces and tenant network. With the tools to create and deliver compelling experiences and offerings – from events and perks, to flex and retail offerings, and more to keep tenants engaged and coming into the office.

“At Tishman Speyer, we are constantly considering what’s next for the industry and appreciate that VTS seeks to do the same,” said Joe Doran, Chief Financial Officer at Tishman Speyer. “We are committed to building community and connection, and products like VTS Activate are all about bringing people together – bridging the physical experience to a digital platform.”



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