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T-Mobile program enhances 5G innovation in sports, entertainment venues

Mobile carrier T-Mobile recent announced it kicked off its 2023 T-Mobile Accelerator program, which focused on startups, developers and entrepreneurs building immersive fan experiences while watching their favorite sports team or attending an event. The carrier selected nine companies out of the more than 70 around the world that applied to further develop their technologies.

The program addresses the issue that people have attended games, concerts and other events in arenas for decades without much innovation to enhance their experience besides just watching. Technological advancements have made a much more enhanced in-person experience possible. For example, stadiums could have multiple 5G-enabled drones all around to capture previously unseen camera angles. First-person cameras could let thousands of fans see what the athletes they’re cheering for see in real time. Meanwhile, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences or 5G connected robots could deliver concessions throughout a venue.

T-Mobile believes the technologies this year’s Accelerator participants developed, paired with the carrier’s 5G, will fundamentally change the way fans engage with sports and other events.

“We created the Accelerator program to give innovators a platform to bring their ideas to life using our technologies,” said John Saw, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile. “By leveraging T-Mobile 5G, this year’s group will have all the tools and support they need to expand their solutions and bring spectators at any event brand new immersive experiences.”

The 2023 T-Mobile Accelerator Program participants include APP CATS LLC, whose CrowdSOLUTIONS creates opportunities to interact with fans through its 5G enabled live streaming platform, audience surveying tools and fan engagement rewards; CUE Audio, which develops fan-first tech that uses in-venue and fans’ mobile devices to synchronize crowds to capture large selfies, choreograph cell phone light shows and host multi-player trivia games; and MeetMO, a cloud-native platform that connects devices, people and ideas to facilitate real-time collaboration.

ForwARdgame (virtual experiences and AR), Immersal (Virtual Position technology can convert any area into a spatial map that can support AR experiences), Mindfly (First-Person-View) solution lets fans experience what players, and referees do during games), PixelFly (FPV drone coverage for broadcast events and marketing activations), Ydrive (lets people capture photorealistic 3D with smartphone images) and FansXR (delivers Xtended reality streaming platform with augmented AR, XR and 360-degrees video distributed to any digital device or 5G-powered Metaverse portal) comprised the remainder of this year’s Accelerator program.

Since T-Mobile’s 2019 nationwide 5G launch, the program has worked with more than 30 startups specifically to drive 5G innovation and adoption across a variety of industries. Since 2012, the program has worked with almost 100 different startups, developers and innovators to support and introduce emerging technologies that transform the way consumers live and businesses operate.


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