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Smart cleaning tech could allow CRE owners to charge premium rents

While initially slow to embrace property technology, the commercial real estate industry has begun to leverage it more often to enhance tenant and building visitor experiences, reduce energy costs and increase revenue. Such proptech includes temperature controls, lighting sensors and hands-free building entry solutions. However, there’s another type of proptech that could help CRE owners increase their rent — restroom cleaning technology. According to a recent Georgia-Pacific Professional (GP Pro) survey, more than 90 percent of CRE professionals believe smart tech that ensures consistently clean and well-stocked restrooms could yield premium above base rent. Meanwhile, two-thirds of property managers and 57 percent of CRE brokers believe that premium is at or above 3 percent.

GP PRO, which markets and manufactures paper towel and bathroom tissue dispensers, skin care dispensers and other hygiene and cleaning products, conducted its study earlier this year. Almost all of the respondents noted that GP PRO’s KOLO Smart Monitoring System warranted a premium above base rent.

“These findings make a very strong case for accepting smart restroom technology as an investment with the potential for a highly valuable return,” said John Strom, vice president and general manager of GP PRO’s Connected Solutions.

The survey findings matched up with last year’s, where 89 percent of customers noted that a clean and well-stocked restroom contributed to their office satisfaction, according to Strom. Restroom cleanliness outranked building amenities like free parking, on-site fitness centers and childcare facilities.

“Commercial real estate experts predict varying occupancy outcomes for their industry in the years ahead, but one thing that remains consistent in their feedback is confidence that their businesses will lift out of any downturn by investing in efficiency-enhancing building technology,” he said.

The KOLO Smart Monitoring System helps CRE owners meet customer and tenant demand for clean and well-stocked restrooms by alerting facility managers and custodians when a restroom needs attention in real time. The system works wirelessly and helps improve hygiene, sustainability, and tenant satisfaction and labor productivity, according to GP PRO.

Connected paper towel, bath tissue, soap, and sanitizer dispensers let the KOLOS system know when supply is low to prevent outages before they happen, ensuring a more positive tenant experience. Additionally, the KOLO System also sends alerts about specific enhanced cleaning and sanitizing tasks to be completed through a task management capability.

The system can also connect to a variety of ecosystem partners’ products, including TOTO toilets and sinks, Butlr’s occupancy-sensing platform and Avius’ patron feedback monitors. Meanwhile, data and alerts can be added to other facility management and building automation systems both in and outside of the restroom.

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