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Signify, Intelligent Waves to deliver light waves-based wireless connectivity

Smart lighting system provider Signify and cybersecurity solution developer Intelligent Waves recently announced their strategic technology collaboration. The companies will combine Signify’s LiFi solution Trulifi and Intelligent Waves’ GRAYPATH software so invisible light waves can enable reliable and secure two-way wireless data communication. By pairing technologies, Signify and Intelligent Waves said they can provide defense personnel with mission-critical connectivity.

How Signify and Intelligent Waves’ technologies work

Signify’s Trulifi solution offers physical security through dedicated USB access keys and a consistent, high-speed wireless connection through light. Meanwhile, GRAYPATH uses the cloud to randomize and distribute data across multiple paths and encrypted channels. Combining the companies’ technologies allows data to be transmitted securely from high-risk operational locations without the danger of the information being jammed, intercepted or disrupted.

“We are excited to offer our solution, in partnership with Intelligent Waves, to the defense industry,” said Richard Honey, Head of Trulifi by Signify sales, US Defense sector. “Light-based communication, unlike conventional radio technologies such as Wi-Fi and 4G/5G, offers a critical, extra layer of security; it can be controlled within a restricted space and does not penetrate through walls. This benefit has already been recognized by defense customers, with the US Army, Navy and Marines adopting our game-changing LiFi technology.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Signify, a pioneer in lighting and light-based communication,” John Hammes, Chief Strategy Officer of Intelligent Waves, said. “Together, we will be able to better serve the most demanding and secure special operators in austere environments, and we look forward to integrating Signify’s innovation into the platform.”

How LiFi benefits defense personnel—and beyond

The Signify-Intelligent Waves partnership is ideal for defense organizations because they often find themselves where LiFi is the only realistic option for secure wireless connectivity. Some areas prohibit Wi-Fi and 4G/5G because of interference with sensitive equipment or explosive goods being present. Additionally, these organization are often in areas that don’t have the infrastructure necessary to set up broadband connections. It’s also often difficult to get authorization to use RF spectrum quickly, while LiFi is license free.

Moving forward, LiFi could continually become a wireless transmission option for other industries looking for an alternative that’s secure and easy to set up.

“LiFi can enhance the Low Probability of Intercept/Low Probability of Detection attribute on the battlefield,” said Joe Vano, Transmission Group Lead, Program Management Office – Tactical Network, Technical Management Division of the Army. “This secures the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) to a higher degree due to its insignificant and largely undetectable RF signature while maintaining high-speed connectivity within the TOC. Reducing our adversaries’ ability to intercept and jam the battlefield Commander’s network while still maintaining a network cable-free environment within the TOC is advantageous.”


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