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Mapped grants free access to its data platform for smart buildings

Mapped, an Artificial Intelligence-powered independent data layer for commercial real estate, recently announced it is offering its self-service Starter Plan to software development and data science teams at no cost.

Mapped’s solution can quickly discover all of the mobile devices on a network and extract data from building systems, sensors and vendor application programming interfaces (APIs) and simplify the data integration process down to a single API. This most recent launch will allow app developers to connect cloud data in less than four minutes and with paid plans collect on-premises data in four hours. This expedited data collection will then let app developers integrate a CRE building’s data sources in just four days.

“With the aim of breaking down enterprise data silos, Mapped’s solution frees up months of manual resources from data science teams, integration engineers, and software developers so they can focus efforts on innovation rather than integration,” the company said in a release.

“As the independent data layer for commercial real estate, Mapped is well positioned to power the next generation of PropTech solutions that will take advantage of substantially easier access to normalized data from building systems, architecture, IoT, facilities management, and other industries,” said Shaun Cooley, Mapped Founder and CEO.

When users sign up for the Mapped Starter Plan, they will have instant access to the Mapped platform. The platform has been designed to automatically take in data from a quickly expanding list of cloud-based connectors that integrate with systems like Google Calendar, Cisco, Microsoft 360 and others that have an API interface. The service instantly takes raw data and turns it into an industry standard, open-source graph, Brick Schema, according to Mapped.

The company’s API builds an independent data layer built on Brick Schema so data can be fed to other analytics platforms. Users are given the necessary tools to build new interactive apps for built environments like CRE office spaces, multi-family buildings and retail stores.

“Mapped is solving a very important problem by unifying siloed data across systems, devices, sensors, and applications and transforming the data from people, places, and things into an easily consumable format, thus minimizing integration challenges of rolling out new applications across different locations,” said Jose de Castro, Mapped Chief Technology Officer. “We want to make this platform accessible to everyone and eliminate months of manual integration efforts by using machine learning that allows software developers to unlock value from data within minutes.”

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