Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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LJA Brings New Energy to Telecom Project Management

LJA was founded in 1972 when John “Dutch” Lichliter established The Lichliter Company. In 1976, Bill Jameson joined the firm as president, and the firm was renamed Lichliter/Jameson & Associates. The firm evolved into LJA Engineering, Inc. in 2011, as it is known today. With 36 offices in Texas and the Midwest, LJA has resources and talent in many disciplines with subject matter experts throughout. As an employee owned company, each LJA employee-owner takes personal pride in delivering high quality services and deliverables.

LJA has expanded its vast array of services successfully into the telecom space in recent years and has focused lately on wireless. With a wide assortment of specialties performed in-house, LJA makes a good partner for Enterprise Real Estate clients who want to benefit from their depth and breadth of experience. From design, engineering, and installation and implementation, LJA has the professionals to perform, and clients have the additional benefit of working with a firm and employee- owners who care.

“Our vast experience in multiple disciplines has given us the opportunity to strategically enter the telecom space and provide turn-key services delivered with the highest standards of quality,” says Carol Bellinger, Vice President of Right-of-Way Services.

LJA uses a stringent process to manage and control projects, and this project approach sets us apart.

It all begins with the Project Management Plan (PMP) a living document that defines the process, roles, and responsibilities of the team members

Within the PMP, LJA establishes kick-off meetings, the frequency of status meetings, and it’s QA/QC policies and procedures. LJA, understands communication is a vital component of every project they work on. Their Communication Plan is developed to ensure responsive and ongoing communications takes place throughout the lifecycle of a project. Collaboration is a key component of LJA’s plan and they do so as often as necessary to provide innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Keeping track of, and meeting, established timeless is critical to the success of a project. Falling behind can have a devasting effect on deployment schedules and budget. LJA, believes they can only improve what can measured, therefore they integrate sophisticated software to track forecasted versus actual dates, major milestones, and document submissions for every major task within the project lifecycle. This extensive and meticulously tracking data is shared with clients to help facilitate rapid solutions to challenges and maintain project status.

One of the components of their Project Approach, which LJA has found to have a significant impact on maintaining schedules, is its Quality Control Plan. The Quality Control Plan provides for a structured project management and quality assurance program from the initiation of a project through completion. The plan establishes prevention rather than detection and documents specific project requirements and criteria. The essence of the plan is every significant document and calculation will not only be reviewed by the person who is responsible for preparing the document but will be reviewed and signed off on by a peer with equal or greater experience.

“If you do not plan a project properly, you’re not going to execute on time and on budget. For us, it is important to do both, and our planning ensures we execute and perform for our clients,” says Ray Roman, Site Development Manager of Telecom.

Recognizng that no project is without its challenges and to keep all aspects of the development process on schedule LJA provides proactive management. The Site Development process can often lead to project changes that must be managed to stay on-time. When change occurs, LJA’s PM and core team immediately investigate, implement revisions, and offer possible solutions. They intensify coordination with clients and clearly convey the impact the change may have on the schedule and the budget.

Here is an example of how LJA overcame a challenge when working on small cells for a client.

“While working on a small cell deployment project within the public right-of- way, our client’s design group was having a hard time delineating between public and private roads. Shopping centers and dedicated subdivision entrances were the primary culprits,resulting in the issuance of small cell locations outside of the public right-of-way.

This caused a large amount of rework after the call for the survey. To reduce the amount of rework, LJA provided a GIS and KMZ of the subject areas they were looking at. This let the entire team define a go/no-go location before boots were on the ground. We also educated the client’s design group via lunch and learn and virtual meetings on how to identify private roadways better. This helped recover some of the lost schedules and had a positive effect on the overall budget,” says Dustin Trousil, Vice President of LJA Surveying.

LJA lives by the following mantra-“ clients and employees first.” The best companies are about great people – and great people, working together, make great projects. They believe this to be true about LJA and their telecom division.

LJA understands project success requires highly skilled leadership to commit to an assigned job from beginning to end. With majority of their project leaders committed to the firm long-term, clients can trust LJA will meet all commitments at every level of every project assigned.

LJA’s reputation is built upon a 48-year legacy of trust – among its staff and clients – and this mutual trust continues to drive LJA’s commitment to deliver the best solutions to complex building and business challenges.

LJA’s history defines who they are, but in no way limits what they can accomplish. LJA’s is proud of landmark projects from their past and look forward to blazing a new path and setting the new standard in the telecom industry.

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