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Lendlease selects Google Cloud to run its property lifestyle platform

Google Cloud recently announced that international property and infrastructure group Lendlease selected it as its primary cloud partner to launch Podium, its new property lifecycle platform. The newly launched Podium platform is designed to “simply the interdependencies in the built world,” according to Google.

Podium comprises new products and services that Lendlease will use. It will also be offered as-a-service to the broader industry to provide better clarity and detail into a project’s entire lifecycle. Additionally, since Podium is built on Google Cloud, Lendlease will be able to leverage the tech giant’s fully managed capabilities and product deployment so it can remain flexible and adapt quickly.

Google Cloud’s secure and responsive nature also allowed Lendlease the ability to deploy changes securely and at speed so it can continuously improve the products and services it offers its teams and customers. The Podium platform will also be able to connect insights from previous projects with Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities. Visions, plans and programs can be efficiently connected to results, realities and efficiencies, simplifying interdependencies and improving decision making.

“We believe the next phase of innovation is centered around autonomous buildings, which sees AI used to automate building in a more holistic way,” said Lendlease Digital CEO William Ruh. “Google Cloud’s capabilities will help us drive this forward, allowing us to innovate and bring new services to our customers quickly and at scale. Podium is a big move for us that will help us continue to lead in the property industry and having a trusted partner like Google Cloud is critical to make this a success.”

“Lendlease has been at the forefront of innovation in property for decades, and we are proud to be able to work with them on this new venture as they continue to shape the cities around us and remove the complexities and inefficiencies that slow down progress in the industry,” said Mark Innes, Vice President of Australia and New Zealand and APAC Industry Verticals at Google Cloud.

Podium platform to help track CRE usage

Among Podium’s capabilities is the ability to create targeted insights and recommended actions to help businesses make decisions related to improving space efficiencies and employee satisfaction, Commercial Observer reports.

“We have a lot of domain knowledge on property and smart buildings, so we are able to leverage that knowledge to think through what data is in a building and ready to collect,” Ruh told Commercial Observer.  

Ruh also acknowledged that between elevator and badge swipe data and the amount of sensors in a building, there’s already a lot of information available to provide a feel for occupancy levels. Combined with the information from apps like Office365’s Calendar, it’s also easier to see what’s going on inside a building, too. Wi-Fi systems and additional sensors provide a key to unlock higher quality occupancy data access.

Through algorithms, Podium can predict “fairly accurately” how many people are entering the office over the course of two weeks, Commercial Observer reports. That kind of data can be useful for a task like ordering an accurate amount of food for employees to help ensure little, if any, goes to waste.

Podium claims to offer 20 different metrics that can help improve offices, such as employee satisfaction, space utilization and sustainability. These metrics build real-time models for optimal building usage. The platform offers enterprises insights and data that can predict workplace trends by combining employee and predictive information, according to Lendlease.

“This is the shifting of the workplace for companies in the world,” Ruh said.

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