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Enlightened introduces new era of smart building IoT data, space intelligence

Property technology (proptech) firm Enlightened recently announced its release of a curated portfolio of smart Internet of Things (IoT) building solutions designed to create customer value and further enable sustainable enterprises across industries and geographies.

According to analyst firm Verdantix, 75 percent of companies will use IoT data for space utilization monitoring.  The solutions Enlightened announced, part of Siemens open business platform Xcelerator, are expected to elevate the use of IoT building data to a new level of functionality for leaders who want to improve their operations’ productivity as well as reach carbon neutrality.

“We anticipate our new solutions and alignment with Siemens Xcelerator business platform will enable our customers to leverage their building’s IoT and activity data to vastly improve processes and decisions around the interactions of people and their spaces,” said Enlightened CEO Stefan Schwab. “Additionally, we will help them further transform their real estate portfolios with a focus on long term sustainability to meet (environmental, social and governance) goals.”

Enlightened’s new portfolio includes a pair of offerings that will help enterprise companies understand what’s happening in their buildings, gain access to deep analytics and use visualizations and application software to improve workflows and how space is used. These offerings include data services, occupancy insights to count how many people are in a building at a given time, efficiency insights to capture and report on energy saving for ESG reporting, and location insights to capture asset and people movement to use with third-party location tracking apps.

The portfolio will also include location intelligence; its Real Time Location System includes patented smart sensors that are embedded in light fixtures. Long-life tags and badges combined with a SaaS cloud app for establishing new workflows, events and triggers associated with the movement of assets and people are also included.

With multiple standard business platform integrations, Location Intelligence will initially focus on outcomes for healthcare, education, office and manufacturing industries.

“The Enlighted solution enables us to rapidly adjust our lighting controls via a smart software interface,” said Alex Ruggeberg, Global Real Estate Engineering, Salesforce. “During the last California heat emergency, we did exactly that, enabling us to dim our lights in the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco while maintaining office functions. We easily measured the energy savings via Enlighted’s data reporting. This is exactly the kind of intelligent, smart IoT building management that is part of a sustainable future for Salesforce.”

Enlightened also announced its first-to-market Ruggedized Micro Sensor, which delivers the same functionality of current IoT sensors, but in a smaller package. The sensor is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations. Additionally, the company partnered with J2 Innovations, an open software systems provider for smart buildings to accelerate digital transformation around building management.

“J2 Innovations is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Enlighted,” J2 Innovations CEO Alex Rohweder said in a statement. “With J2’s FIN Framework combined with Enlighted’s IoT offerings, we are excited to deliver a powerful set of IoT solutions to the market. We’re looking forward to leveraging Enlighted’s robust data capabilities integrated with our IoT enabling framework.”

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