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Connectivity, proptech are key to first-class guest experience at luxury resorts

The need for reliable in-building wireless connectivity in spaces such as office buildings and manufacturing plants is well documented. The same level of reliable wireless networks is now being required on luxury vacation properties, Don DeMarinis, senior vice president, sales for Agilysys Americas and EMEA, wrote.

Reliable connectivity helps guarantee an outstanding customer experience, which is what luxury properties expect. Attentive staff members are great, but as guests become more tech savvy, what they really want is the ability to make requests from the palm of their hand.

This starts with check-in, according to DeMarinis. Most guests don’t want to stand at the front desk waiting to check in. Instead, they should be able to check in on their own mobile device or at a kiosk. Meanwhile, technology can still be used with guests that aren’t as tech-savvy. In these scenarios, staff members can meet guests with a tablet in hand to help get them situated. Once check-in is complete, guests should receive a digital key on their mobile device instead of a physical one.

“Guests paying a premium expect you to provide them with a barrier-less journey from your front door to the door of their room,” DeMarinis said.

The need for a reliable network and quality property technology (proptech) doesn’t stop once guests have checked in to a luxury property — in fact the need is just beginning. Many guests want to make requests in the moment, not wait for a staff member to answer their call. Requests such as making dinner reservations, booking spa appointments, setting golf tee times are just a few of the things guests want to do from their mobile devices.

“When relaxing poolside or sitting at a table in a casino, they don’t want to leave their chairs to find a server to place a food or beverage order,” DeMarinis said. “They prefer to stay where they are, place their order via their mobile device, and have the order delivered directly.”

Guests also want the same convenience when it’s time to pay for their meal. If they can pay with their phone, it eliminates the time spent waiting for a server or bartender to get their check and they can move on to their next activity faster.

Making the mobile booking, reserving and ordering experience seamless isn’t just crucial for guest satisfaction — it’s also key for a property’s bottom line. Unhappy guests could lead to negative reviews that might make potential visitors look elsewhere, reducing profits. Providing reliable wireless connectivity has become critical in just about every CRE building, but it’s become even more crucial in a luxury resort where people are paying a premium for a first-class experience.

“Your property must be connected seamlessly with solutions that communicate with one another,” DeMarinis said. “This integration allows information to be shared across your property and facilitates the automation of tasks that free your staff from administrative tasks so they can focus more of their time on the guests. The same integration allows the creation of a single guest profile that provides staff with insight into guest bookings wherever they are on the property.”

Once the proptech is in place, CRE owners can look at guest-focused solutions that will give them the world-class experience they’re expecting during their stay.

“Having the right technology that supports your property’s offerings will help you deliver exceptional experiences,” DeMarinis said. “Staff will have tools that empower them to be better hosts, allowing them to delight guests with a luxury stay that exceeds their expectations, allowing your property to maximize your return on experience.”

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