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Celona unveils new line of industrial-grade private wireless solutions

Latest line designed to withstand challenging enterprise environments.

Celona, an enterprise private wireless solutions innovator, recently announced it introduced a new line of industrial-strength private wireless access points that extend deterministic private cellular connectivity to some of the most challenging enterprise environments.

This new line of access points helps sectors and enterprises such as factories, ports, manufacturing plants, construction sites, energy operations and warehouses overcome environmental factors that make it challenging to provide consistent and long-range connectivity.

Celona’s new line operates within the popular 3.55 to 3.7 GHz CBRS spectrum as part of the company’s turnkey private wireless system. The access points are designed to service enterprise locations with dust, harsh temperatures, wind, rain, noise or vibration conditions.

“Private wireless has become wildly popular within industrial markets where the use cases are met with extremely challenging environmental issues,” Puneet Shetty, VP of Products at Celona, said in a statement.

Shetty noted that these industrial settings often combine excessive temperatures, dust or moisture with RF interference and obstacles that attenuate or degrade wireless signals.

“Celona has worked to overcome many of these physical conditions within industrial environments that are a critical role in successful wireless deployments,” he said.

Celona access point line product details

The new line of 4G Celona private wireless radios includes the AP 13 and AP 13E dust-proof hardened access points that can be used indoors or outdoors. Similar to prior Celona access points, the AP 13/13E support plug and play deployment, remote provisioning, centralized cloud-based management, and seamless integration into an enterprise’s local area network.

The solutions can be pole or wall mounted and PoE powered, as well as include built-in or external GPS, according to Celona. The built-in PTP Grand master can sync one AP with GPS access with other access points. This capability eliminates the need for GPS receivers and cabling for individual units.

AP 13 supports an internal 13.5 dBi directional antenna, while the AP 13 E can support external omni-directional and sectorized antenna than can extend its coverage range. The new Celona AP 13 line can deliver 200Mbps or more of aggregate throughput with 2×2 MIMO and support for channel bandwidth operation of up to 40 MHz (with carrier aggregation).

Both AP 13 and AP 13E are currently available and priced as a single SaaS (software as a service) license, with 3- and 5-year subscription options, the company said.

This pricing model incorporates Celona indoor and outdoor APs, Spectrum Access System (SAS) license for CBRS spectrum access Celona Edge software, Celona SIM cards or eSIMs and cloud-based Orchestrator management system, technical support and hardware warranty.

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