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Butlr receives $5M funding round from Qualcomm Ventures

Butlr Technologies, currently the world’s only anonymous people sensing platform, recently announced an additional funding round from Qualcomm Ventures. The funding round totaled $5 million, reports.

Butlr also announced it is launching the next generation of its patented Heatic™ wireless sensors, data and analytics to shape the future of work and agetech. The company’s tech cannot collect personal information, but its Application Programming Interface (API) provides real time and historical data on a building’s indoor foot traffic, occupancy levels and activity. This information can be used to help with asset management, real estate investment, planning and policy making in workplaces as well as senior care facilities.

“There’s a growing demand for intelligent solutions that provide accurate and real-time occupancy utilization data to better support the hybrid work environment,” said Carlos Kokron, vice president, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and managing director, Qualcomm Ventures Americas. “Butlr’s next-generation wireless occupancy-sensing platform provides customers with spatial insights to drive better space utilization and improve operational efficiencies, while preserving privacy. We’re excited to invest in Butlr as they leverage wireless technology and AI to enable the future of work and smart buildings.”

How sensors can impact the future of work

Butlr’s new Heatic 2 sensors can be mounted wirelessly and magnetically and installed in less time than wired solutions, according to the company. Additionally, they’re expected to cover twice the area that original sensors can.

The tech’s new Zones feature can monitor desk use, soft seating and activity. Meanwhile, the Space Visualizer shows usage trends based on heatmaps and people detections over time. The related data allows customers to conduct A/B testing to determine the office layout that best matches their workforce’s culture and their organizations’ needs.

Butlr’s API also allows customers and partners to integrate occupancy data with other databases and develop customized tools that meet their business requirements.

Employers can use Butlr technology to create supportive and collaborative work environments. Commercial real estate professionals can use it to obtain private and accurate insights on office usage so they can offer flexible leasing options and, at the same time, execute a smart building strategy that features more energy-efficient properties with a lower carbon footprint.

“Butlr technology is designed to reflect the significant cultural changes currently underway by providing the insights that allow everyone to make the most of their time at work, in senior care or aging at home,” said Honghao Deng, co-founder and CEO of Butlr. “Our newest investor, Qualcomm Ventures, along with our latest technology allows us to meet this growing demand on a global level while playing a critical role in the future of work.”

Sensors can help shape the future of senior care

The number of people who are aged 60 years or older will double by 2050, according to the World Health Organization. That equals 2.1 billion people. Butlr looks to have its tech help assisted-living facilities look after their residents. This includes monitoring and flagging unusual activity such as falls, but without needing to use cameras or wristbands. The company also helps facilities close staffing gaps and adhere to compliance requirements.

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