Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Jacolow makes move to Meridian Capital Group

New York City-based Meridian Capital Group recently named Sandy Jacolow as its Chief Information Officer (CIO). Jacolow previously held the same position at Silverstein Properties for seven years. While he was Silverstein Properties, Jacolow oversaw the technology initiatives that supported the company’s financial, operational and development activities.
Jacolow is also a founding member of the REBNY Technology Committee and chairperson of its Cyber Technology Security Committee.
Founded in 1991, Meridian Capital group is one of the leading commercial real estate finance and advisor firms in the United States. Since its founding, Meridian has closed more than $300 billion in commercial real estate financing through more than 50,000 transactions in 48 states. The firm closed more than 3,000 deals that totaled more than $32 billion in financing with more than 200 lenders in 2017.
As CIO at Meridian Capital, Jacolow will oversee the firm’s nationwide innovation and technology initiatives that support the company’s brokerage, investment sales and retail leasing businesses and growth activities.
“While being the world’s most active mortgage brokerage firm (Meridian Capital) believes in a very personalized level of service, something that resonates with anyone in technology,” Jacolow told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “As the firm continues to expand its footprint and offerings, Meridian believes technology is the foundation to build on, and improving access to data can be a transformation.
“When combined with our boutique service perspective, we can provide unparalleled insight and value to our clients.”
Former oil and pharmaceutical industry executive Yael Urman will replace Jacolow as CIO at Silverstein Properties, according to The Real Deal. Urman most recently served as director of applications at PBF Energy, a New Jersey-based petroleum-refinery company. Like Jacolow, she will oversee technology initiatives related to Silverstein’s, “financial operations and development,” the company said in a statement.
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