Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Catalyst Conference hosted by Honest Buildings highlights the future of Proptech and the sharing economy

At the recent conference held Friday at Convene in Manhattan, the who’s who of Commercial Real Estate from around the country, got to bring their thoughts and ideas to discuss the future of the business in general and CRE specifically. The highlight of the day was an eye opening speech by Lisa Gansky, author and Futurist with excerpts from her book “The Mesh-Why the future of Business is Sharing”. The conference was the brainchild of Riggs Kubiak and his team at Honest Buildings, the data-driven project management and procurement platform for real estate owners and was a partnership between Honest Buildings and Convene.
Ms. Gansky began her talk by highlighting how companies have culture lifecycles and are often extremely hesitant to disrupt their business model even when all signs say they should. Think businesses like Blockbuster or Kodak who saw trends coming that ultimately disrupted their businesses but others like Netflix (streaming video) or Apple (digital photography) were able to take advantage of the macro trends. She described the culture lifecycle from Courtship, Infancy, Adolescence, PRIME, Stable, Aristocracy, Early Bureaucracy, Late Bureaucracy and Death. A favorite was her description of Late Bureaucracy was when anyone in the room can say NO to an idea but no one is sure who can say yes. The next step in the lifecycle was Death.
The topics that were discussed centered around the future of capital deployment, empathetic buildings and meeting the changing demands of tenants, bets that landlords and VCs are placing on PropTech and the role of the landlord in the new urban agenda
Panel discussions with many of the well-known, highly regarded CRE execs from high profile companies discussing topics like Blockchain, integrating Proptech, AI, smart buildings, smart cities and much more. The event was well attended and well received and also featured an informative talk by Riggs Kubiak from Honest Buildings and opening remarks from Convene Co-Founder and President, Chris Kelly. The event was held at Convene’s cavernous location on 46th street in Manhattan which is complete with a lecture hall, open areas and meeting rooms. Convene offers an integrated “workplace-as-a-service” platform giving building tenants and enterprise clients access to a growing network of premium meeting and event spaces, flexible workspaces, hospitality services, and curated experiences for users.

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