Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Five reasons connectivity makes for a positive office experience

How important is it for a commercial real estate owner to have strong connectivity in their building? Well, many workspace decision makers note that wireless signal strength is often their second-highest priority behind location when choosing where a company should do business.
Yes, as business becomes more dependent on their mobile devices whether it’s cell phones, tablets or laptops, connectivity has become almost as important to the business’ success as the people who are conducting the work. If an important sales call drops or a critical video presentation keeps buffering, a commercial real estate owner will have a tough time maintaining tenants.

Work productivity is just part of the reason connectivity plays such a key role in how positive a company’s office experience can be. Here are five more.

  1. Better Employee Experience

A building’s connectivity is not just about being able to stream and download data more quickly to perform work tasks. It’s also about making the office a place where employees want to spend at least a third of their day. Today, employees like to know they can make calls in any part of the building without the fear of it dropping or experiencing poor reception. The same goes for computer use—a company’s workforce tends to be happier if they can carry their laptop around the building to do work rather than having to remain tethered to their desks.

  1. Work Processes Become More Efficient

 There’s a lot of talk about “the cloud” in workspaces these days and for good reason.  A lot of companies work with multiple cloud-based systems to conduct business and communicate on projects that involve several parties. When everyone involved can view a document simultaneously rather than passing it around via email, for example, the process moves much faster. The better a building’s connectivity is, the more streamlined a company’s workflow can be when it relies on communication platforms like Slack or Google Chat.

  1. Everyone Can Feel Safer

 As first responders continue to gravitate more towards wireless communication systems, strong cellular signals become more important. While they may have their own networks and channels they can communicate in, it does not hurt to have a reliable wireless in-building network to ensure firefighters are able to contact one another as they’re moving around looking for people. Additionally, connectivity can add safety measures like automatic locks to prevent an intruder from getting inside to any offices within a building or send a building-wide alert quickly in the event of an emergency.

  1. Opportunities To Save Money

At first glance, it might seem like putting some sort of wireless system in a building would be costly. While it might be initially, a better way look at it as it’s an investment that could save a commercial real estate owner money in the future. For example, what if employees all have a key to get into the office? Every time someone loses their key, a new one has to be made. Or if someone resigns or quits, the locks would most likely need to be changed for security purposes or peace of mind. A wired building would accommodate keyless entry either through employees’ cell phones or an easily manufactured key card. Plus, with a wireless system, a commercial building owner could have the aforementioned cloud-based system, which would eliminate the costs of having servers stored in the office or somewhere local.

  1. Enhanced Guest Experiences

 Whether a company is trying to impress a visitor (potential client) or is looking to be impressed by one (vendor looking for work), it’s always a good look when it is tech-savvy or at least appears to be. Connectivity allows office visitors to easily hop on the company’s network or conduct a presentation without having to worry about their video buffering halfway through. The same goes if a company has a contractor or temporary employee working at their office for a time—the easier they can access the network the faster they can get their work done, which benefits everyone.

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