Monday, August 10, 2020
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Yanzi showcases smart building IoT Products at Realcomm

Sweden-based tech company Yanzi, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) supplier for smart buildings, presented its unique platform for smart buildings and its latest product line in the Microsoft Azure booth at last week’s Realcomm/IBcon show in Las Vegas.
Yanzi displayed two new products in its family of sensors and gateways in the Yanzi IOT platform for smart buildings, the Yanzi Presence Mini and the Yanzi Gateway 2.
The Yanzi Presence Mini detects motion and monitors the temperature at your location. The user is notified over Cirrus API if motion is detected or the temperature alarm limit is breached. It is applicable for space utilization monitoring in work desks or conference rooms, light surveillance applications for storage rooms or server rooms, or for cabinet surveillance.
The Yanzi Presence Mini connects wirelessly and securely to the Yanzi IoT Gateway or the Yanzi IoT Access Point through Yanzi’s Zero Touch configuration. It and be accessed via the Cirrus API within minutes after installation.
YanziThe Yanzi IoT Gateway 2 enables secure communication between your location and the cloud, and local storage minimizes data loss in case of Internet connection failures. The new Yanzi IoT Gateway 2 connects to the Internet using built-in 4G, when available, or by using the existing Internet connection. The fact that the communication between the gateways can be wired or wireless simplifies the infrastructure planning and installation significantly.
“My experience at Realcomm last year was lots of interest in connected buildings and IoT, but the insights were at a very basic level,” Yanzi CEO Ulf Wretskog told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “This year, the questions were precise and detailed, regarding security, compatibility with other BI or cloud platforms, and network protocols. They’re no longer asking for pilots, but for full installations. This business is maturing at an impressive pace.”
The company’s platform includes wireless IoT sensors, an IoT network stack and a complete cloud platform that can run on Microsoft Azure. The solution is built on open standards, which guarantees scalability and the possibility to integrate with any IoT system. Yanzi’s platform offers bank grade security and automated security setup.
Yanzi’s IoT solutions allow for increased productivity and efficiency and help companies provide attractive and sustainable work environments by optimizing surfaces, improving floor climate, saving energy and freeing time in the workplace. Facility management suppliers and real estate owners around the globe use Yanzi’s IoT platform.
“We are showcasing the future industry standard for IoT in smart buildings,” Wretskog said in a statement. “We need security in smart buildings, we need scale and we need sensors that can be installed by anyone. Yanzi’s solution is the only one on the market that check all of those boxes, all the way from sensors and infrastructure to the cloud.”

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