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Social Media Tips For Growing Your Real Estate Brand

Ok, so you didn’t get into real estate to become a social media guru. And maybe you don’t even like being on social media.
Get over it!
Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be yet another arduous marketing task you perform.  Used effectively, your social media presence can generate word-of-mouth and referral business.
The fact is, prospective buyers and sellers are on social media. A lot. Social networks have become an integral part of our daily routine. Prospects in your farm are on social media right now, connecting with peers, messaging, commenting, and posting content of their own.
With a little insight and some helpful tips, you can optimize your posts and expand your organic reach exponentially!
Try these social media tips to boost our social media presence!
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Facebook Tips

  1. Start a Facebook Business Page. Keep it separate from your personal account.
  2. Join a local Facebook Group and contribute helpful content for local residents.
  3. Use hashtags sparingly – 1 or 2 is enough. More hashtags will actually reduce your visibility in the newsfeed.
  4. Strong visuals and video content in your posts will attract higher engagement.
  5. Upload videos directly to Facebook instead of embedding or linking to Youtube. Facebook prefers to promote native content so your posts will rank higher in the newsfeed.

Twitter Tips

  1. Send alerts multiple times per day. The twitter feed is constantly streaming. A tweet posted at 8am will disappear by 10am. A minimum of 5 tweets per day will increase your exposure dramatically.
  2. Adding video to your Twitter posts will generate more views.
  3. Use Twitter’s search tool to find and connect with local press, bloggers and industry professionals.
  4. Retweet often to attract more followers and increase engagement.
  5. Use Topsy to discover trending topics and track comprehensive social media analytics in real-time.

Instagram Tips

  1. Create and share carousel posts with the best images you have. You can share up to 10 photos in a carousel post. They’re extremely popular with Instagram users because they tell a story that can be quickly consumed even on a mobile screen.
  2. Use compelling captions that concisely summarize the image. Bold, catchy, and clever captions will stand out in the Instagram feed.
  3. Create short, candid videos to share on Insta-stories. Promote behind-the-scenes and humorous interactions to personalize your brand. Show prospects what it’s like to work with you.
  4. Promote your open-house using Instagram Live to connect with prospects in real-time. Use location hashtags to increase views. Remember to save the video and share it as an Insta-story. If you don’t, you won’t be able to retrieve it after the event.
  5. Engage with other Instagramers and respond promptly to comments you receive. This will grow your sphere of influence by attracting more followers.

Pinterest Tips

  1. Optimize your images for search by using the ‘Alt Attributes’ features. Anyone searching images on Google will find your Pinterest photos as well.
  2. Share great home decorating ideas, patio, landscaping and renovation tips on Pinterest. Prospective buyers often research home decor ideas online extensively as part of their home search.
  3. Create multiple boards with different themes to attract a range of prospects. Title each one appropriately to appeal to different segments you may be targeting: buyers, sellers, condo-dwellers, beachfront properties, etc.
  4. Join a local real estate group board. Group boards can dramatically increase your reach and visibility because membership tends to be higher than with individual members.
  5. Include a link to your website and a call-to-action that directs visitors to your desired goal (ie subscribe, get a free valuation, etc).

Each of the major social media networks has a unique appeal and user-base. Learning the virtues of each platform will take time, but don’t be afraid to experiment.
As a busy real estate agent, you won’t have time to work all of them. Don’t try to be jack-of-all, master of none. Instead, choose the social platform that speaks to your strengths. Working 1 or 2 social networks consistently will yield far better results than attempting to manage 5 or 6.
About the Author
Grant Findlay-Shirras, Co-Founder of and Creator of the Local Leader® Marketing System is managing one of the fastest growing real estate startups in North America with more than 1000+ realtors. Thrive Global recognized Grant as a top Thought Leader To Follow In 2018 and Epic Impact recognized Grant as a 30 under 30 influencer. Grant is most notably known for building a multi-million dollar tech start-up with no investors and creating a company culture where all new employees are interviewed by their co-workers. He studied Business Administration at Ivey Business School at Western University and after graduation he ran HR for one of Canada’s largest mobile fitness companies.  Grant is an influencer in leadership, culture, entrepreneurship, and real estate and is extremely passionate about helping others achieve their business goals. Grant and his wife Amanda, the CMO of Parkbench are also best selling authors, startup advisors, and investors.

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