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Realcomm/IBcon concludes with another information-packed day of breakout sessions

After a successful first day, the Realcomm/IBcon conference continued with another day of information-packed seminars and breakout sessions.
The day kicked off with the conference’s sixth annual SMART BUILDINGS Best Practices Showcase. More than 40 of the world’s most progressive and successful implementation of smart buildings, portfolios and campuses, according to the conference’s website. The projects presented the next generation of open, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric buildings. Realcomm/IBcon attendees got the opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives for each project to share ideas and address subjects like energy conversation, operational efficiency, sustainability achievement and financial optimization.
The show featured a pair of breakout sessions that discussed robots—one about understanding the opportunities and challenges that come with them and the second addressed the question if they are a reliable and effective service option in buildings.
Keeping in line with the technology theme, Hines senior vice president and chief information officer Jesse Carrillo moderated a panel with CBRE vice president of digital and technology Shohin Chinoy, Carter Hall chief technology officer Aidan Coleman, Altus Group senior vice president of product management Michael Crook and Hines innovation officer Charlie Kuntz to discuss how commercial real estate companies are recognizing how significant technology and innovation are and investing in technology start-ups and PropTech.
Other topics covered throughout the second day included real estate cybersecurity, leasing and asset management and how drones are making their way into the commercial real estate ecosystem.
Meanwhile, on the IBcon side of the show, numerous smart building-related topics were explored including integrating Next Generation Smart Building Technologies, exploring the complex relationship that can exist between landlord and tenants in a smart building and how to make smart buildings work for everyone, what the emergence of co-working spaces like WeWork mean for traditional commercial real estate owners and operators and where’s the line between innovation and privacy in smart connected buildings.
For American Tower senior product marketing manager John Casadonte, the conference provided a chance to interact with commercial real estate professionals from various parts of the industry.
“Coming into the show, we really didn’t have a strong feel of what to expect,” Casadonte told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “I would tell you after two days now, we are pretty impressed with the type of individuals that are coming by. We had a mixture of folks that are on the integration side, as well as prospects, so that really was a pleasant surprise.”
American Tower talked to customers about its small cell and building small cell solutions along with its typical data solution. According to Casadonte, the conversations branched out further as people were intrigued about what was next and how American Tower envisioned buildings to look like in the years ahead in terms of technology.
“The conversation’s been very healthy,” Casadonte said. “I’ve learned quite a bit. I learned there is a deep sense of interest in 5G technology in-building. It seems to be a really common conversation. One thing I was surprised to hear was there wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue centered on Wi-Fi inside a building. They really don’t count on that being part of their voice and cellular solution.”
“We had a very positive event,” CABA president and CEO Ron Zimmer told Connected. “We have 26 great companies on the CABA board, and this was an opportunity for them to fully understand how Realcomm and IBcon brings together the entire ecosystem of providers of original equipment manufacturers, hardware, software, utilities, service providers and more importantly how it brings together the use community of builders, developers, CTO’s CEO’s, CIO’s, integrators and architects.”
All told, the 20th annual Realcomm | IBcon conference was a five-day event that comprised 20-plus counties, more than 2,000 attendees, 180 sponsors and exhibitors, 150 education sessions and 330 speakers.
“The IBcon | Realcomm 2018 conference, one of the most powerful gatherings for the commercial and corporate real estate, facilities and technology industries, brought together over 2,000 leaders from more than 20 countries, including Canada, Australia, Japan, U.K., Singapore, China, France, India, Germany, South Africa and many more,” the conference team said on its website. “This year also marked the 20th anniversary for Realcomm, which contributed to the remarkable turnout and undeniable buzz of energy and celebration that made the event one of our most successful ever!”

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