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Innovation through Integration: Making Your Building Safer and Smarter

Barby Biggs, CTO, Northeast Region, ConvergeOne

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has taught us just how adaptable the human species is. It has also left many of us in a constant state of wondering of what’s next. The world has endured everything from a pandemic to Murder Hornets, and as individuals, we’ve learned how to balance our work lives with our personal lives while working from home. As corporations, we’ve had to adapt to having our employees temporarily working remotely, understanding the security implications of that decision. As Real Estate Owners, we have had to reimagine our spaces for the changing market while looking at new technologies to address concerns of employees returning safely to the office.

Resuming our normal daily activities has introduced many new challenges for commercial landlords and tenants. How do you address the simple issue of multiple surfaces being touched by potentially thousands of people a day? Do you double or quadruple your cleaning staff to handle nothing but sanitizing door handles or other hard surfaces?

Imagine a building that recognizes who you are when you walk up to the door, enter the lobby or approach a security turnstile and checks your temperature via a built in sensor. Imagine, if you are an employee and are not running a temperature, the door or turnstile opens to let you in. Imagine, if you are a visitor or an employee with a temperature, a call is automatically placed to the visitor or security desk so that you can be assisted.

The same can be said for an elevator bank that, with the scanning of your face or your security badge, automatically calls a car and takes you to your assigned floor. When you walk off the elevator the doors to your suite automatically open. If you’re the first one in the office, the lighting for your section of the building instantly turns on. This offers a touchless experience from the time the taxi drops you off at the front door until you sit down at your desk. If you’ve considered these things to be futuristic, then it’s time to embrace the future.

The market is flooded with the Internet of Things (IoT). Sensors and devices are designed to keep your employees and tenants healthy and safe inside your buildings. Check body temperature with a kiosk, allowing employees to remain socially distant. Monitor compliance with PPE over your video surveillance systems. Instantly know if someone is carrying a concealed firearm. It is up to you to decide what new safety standards are required, what new tools facilitate those standards, and how to retrofit your space to adjust to the changing environment.

One item that holds true in any of these environments is that each piece of technology, whether installed as a singular device or a network of devices, adds a level of complexity. For all systems to work seamlessly, there’s a degree of amalgamation required that is not often provided by the manufacturer. To reap the benefits of combined systems, you need an experienced IT services provider that can also provide continued managed support.

An IT services provider manages design, implementation, continuous operation, lifecycle management and operational updates at levels never experienced in years past. They make sure that your core infrastructure is secure for access, authentication and transactions. They create workflows to link systems like operations management, facilities or security to provide coordinated work efforts, status and completion notifications. Properly integrated systems can increase your buildings IQ and allow your employees to work smarter not harder.

ConvergeOne is a leading IT services provider, with decades of experience building upon our technology offerings which span the core technology markets- customer experience, cybersecurity, data center, enterprise networking, and unified communications. We deliver these solutions across a number of delivery models including on premise, and in private, hybrid, and public clouds as well as the proprietary ConvergeOne Cloud, regardless of our customers’ existing infrastructure.

When you work with ConvergeOne, you’re working with a full-service provider. We are focused on supporting our customers throughout the project lifecycle, from consultation and design to implementation, optimization, and ongoing management. Our comprehensive portfolio provides one of the broadest and deepest solution offerings in the industry and is backed by a nationwide team of highly trained and certified technicians.

ConvergeOne is your partner for achievement. We have selected more than 300 technology partnerships to customize specific business outcomes including Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Dell Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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