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Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association is first in state to sign on for FirstNet

New Technologies Expand Our Capabilities to Better Serve Delawareans

FirstNet is the country’s first and only nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to first responders – available when and where we need it. Built with AT&T, in public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority, it gives our communications capabilities a major boost, providing a reliable, highly secure and “always-on” connection.
By subscribing to the new dedicated network, the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association can help our firefighters stay connected to the critical information we need. And it will help ensure we can easily and quickly communicate with one another during everyday situations, big events or emergencies.
“Firefighters deserve whatever tools we can give them to help them stay safe and do their jobs to the best of their abilities,” said President Richard T. Perillo of the DVFA.  “This is opening FirstNet up for all of our volunteers, giving them an equal opportunity to access this potentially lifesaving technology.”
Our decision to join was based on 3 critical factors:

  • Groundbreaking Technology – FirstNet is the only nationwide platform that gives first responders priority and preemption that’s always on. That means we’ll have access to the connection we need – even when the network is congested. This will help us keep ourselves and those we serve safe and secure. We look forward to taking advantage of additional mission-critical capabilities as the technology advances.
  • Coverage, Capacity and Control – As Delaware’s additional FirstNet build gets underway, we will have access to increased coverage and capacity. This will help us support emergencies in all areas of the state – from rural to urban. Plus, as FirstNet develops local control, we’ll be able to allocate communications resources in near real time to support our first responders who need them most. With FirstNet, the ball is in our court.
  • System Reliability – FirstNet is the only system purpose-built to the high standards of public safety based on an understanding of our needs. Plus, AT&T will be held accountable by the First Responder Network Authority to deliver on their commitment to design and build a solution that meets our needs for years to come.  FirstNet gives us the mission-critical capabilities we need with the affordability we require.

When a major event occurs, it’s important to share data with other responders. As more agencies join FirstNet, it will drive a greater level of interoperability. This will help us communicate with ease across agencies, jurisdictions and even state lines.
“We’re honored that the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association chose FirstNet to further elevate their communications capabilities,” said Denis Dunn, president, AT&T Delaware. “It’s our mission to give first responders the cutting-edge tools they need to keep themselves and those they serve out of harm’s way. And we look forward to helping the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association achieve their life-saving missions.”
“FirstNet is the exclusive communications platform built with AT&T for public safety, inspired by public safety – there is no substitution for this network that they fought for,” said First Responder Network Authority CEO Mike Poth. “We look forward to supporting the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association use of FirstNet, making sure it delivers what they need, when they need it.”
To learn more about the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association, go to To learn more, go to or contact Robert Walls at 610-772-5189 or

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