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SL Green taps Sharry to install advanced digital platform in 23 NY skyscrapers

SL Green, New York’s largest office landlord, recently selected Czech Republic-based property technology (proptech) company Sharry to deploy its digital platform in 23 of its high-rise buildings. SL Green chose Sharry’s solution so it could quickly help protect the thousands of people working these buildings, while also offering a higher standard for offices in the future and be better prepared in the post-COVID-19 era.

The One Vanderbilt office tower, the fifth-highest building in the United States, was the companies’ initial cooperation.

“It is one of the fastest and largest reactions of the proptech sector to the current situation related to the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus, which of course has also impacted the commercial real estate sector,” Sharry CEO and co-founder Joseph Sachta said in a statement. “We’re proud that our solution has proven its worth in these times.”

Sharry, SL green to focus on hands-free tech

The companies agreed to implement several products that will offer users a first-class experience and make the time they spend in a building more efficient. Sharry is working to make its solutions touch-less because the World Health Organization has warned that employees and customers touching contaminated surfaces is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads.

So instead, users can download a mobile app for the building that they typically have an access card for. Users can use their mobile device to unlock lobby turnstiles or office doors.

“Creation of mobile access and transfer of a new card can be done online, thus minimizing the need for two people to meet in person to hand over a plastic card,” Sharry Product Manager Ondřej Langr said. “Plus, when you pass through the turnstile, we will automatically call an elevator for you.”

Sharry is also implementing an innovative guest management system for SL Green building visitors. Guests will receive a meeting invitation with a QR code. Depending on the conditions, the company’s reception desk can send the guest the code before they enter the building. This eliminates the need to come into contact with the receptionist in the lobby.

“We are thus trying to eliminate as many barriers in the visitor’s way as possible,” Langr said.

Meanwhile, CRE owners as well as asset and property mangers will be able to configure individual in-building technologies through a single interconnected web interface. They’ll also gain a direct channel that they can use to easily communicate with tenants, specific users, and visitors, and let them know as quickly as possible what new anti-coronavirus measures are currently in force in a specific building.

Tenants can also use Sharry’s mobile application to reserve available building amenities like a shared terrace, gym or an electric scooter. The app’s “community” section serves as a virtual bulletin board where uses can “pin” messages or invitations to events they’re organizing.

“Our platform interconnects not only individual technologies, but above all everyone in the building to each other and to the building,” Sachta said. “Working with SL Green has allowed us to once again prove that thanks to several years of experience we are capable of deploying our solution in older buildings as well as in the most modern skyscraper in the heart of New York.”

Joe Dyton can be reached at joed@fifthgenmedia.com.

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