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Rudin wins Corporate Energy Management Award from AEE

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), a non-profit professional organization, recently recognized New York-based real estate owner and operator Rudin Management with its “Corporate Energy Management” award as part of its 2020 International Awards Program.

The AEE, which is dedicated to, “promoting the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development,” gives this award to recognize individuals, organizations, agencies and corporations for their work in the energy industry. Rudin Management will be one of 12 organizations honored at the AEE’s virtual award ceremony on October 14.

“At Rudin, we are dedicated to improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions throughout our portfolio, which not only benefits our tenants, but all New Yorkers as well,” Rudin Chief Operating Officer John Gilbert said in a statement. “We are honored to be recognized by such a prestigious group representing the energy and engineering community.”

Rudin Management represents one of the largest privately owned real estate portfolios in New York City and has long thought of energy management to be a critical part of good building operations. The company has implemented innovative strategies to track and manage energy consumption in its commercial real estate portfolio, which have reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced their tenants’ experience and lowered energy costs.

Creating a technology start-up in 2016, called Prescriptive Data, and developing a fully integrated smart building operating system, Nantum OS, were two of the innovative strategies Rudin employed to improve energy management in its buildings. Nantum OS extracts and consolidates live data from building systems, external data providers and third party Internet of Things (IoT) solutions into a secure cloud environment—the Nantum Cloud.

“As we begin to build out (for CBRS private wireless networks), we like to say buildings have always had a heart, (engine room, boiler room, HVAC system) now they have a brain,” Gilbert said of Nantum at the Connected Real Estate Summit earlier this year. “The final frontier is a central nervous system. The central nervous system is ultimately that wired and wireless network that’s going to be grabbing data as granular as we possibly can to bring back to the brain to make that building smarter, faster.”

By using real-time data, Nantum OS employs machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to optimize real-time operational efficiency, enhance tenant comfort, reduce utilities costs and energy usage and improve CRE buildings’ net operating profits. Doing so helps increase real estate assets’ underlying value. The 15 properties that used Nantum in 2017 combined for a 48% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a 2005 baseline—more than half of the 80% by 2050 goal that was established under the NYC Carbon Challenge.

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