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EPIC iO solution aimed at global food safety, spoilage

EPIC iO, a software-focused technology provider and applied AI + IoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) innovator, recently announced its new enterprise biosecurity solution portfolio targeting global food safety and spoilage, healthcare and public transportation. EPIC iO developed the solution portfolio in collaboration with several U.S. academic institutions, and it’s expected to have a transformative effect with sustained pathogenic neutralization and a positive environmental impact through the reduced use of harmful chemicals.

Epic iO showcased its Biosecurity – Food Safety and Quality solution powered by AI and IoT at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) 2022 Annual Meeting. More than 3,800 of the top industry, academic and governmental food safety professionals from six continents attended the event.

How the solution portfolio works

The suite of biosecurity solutions combines autonomous AI and IoT with edge and cloud computing for power and resilience. The solution’s initial iteration inactivates pathogens by delivering carefully timed micro-doses of FDA-approved ozone and ultraviolet irradiation. Versions that will follow are set to incorporate additional evolving technologies, under the command and control of EPIC iO’s open AI + IoT platform, DeepInsights.

In USDA’s food deserts, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, peas, beans, meat and fish are often expensive or unobtainable. DeepInsights will power the biosecurity solution, which will deliver sustainable technology to bring more fresh produce to these vulnerable regions. Foods will have a longer shelf life and there will be a lot less spoilage.

Addressing global food safety and spoilage is a primary focus, particularly in cold storage and transport — where fresh produce spends most of its life. Currently, refrigeration plays a critical but passive role by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

EPIC iO’s innovative technology will allow chilled produce to sit in a “sustained modified atmosphere” for hours, days or even weeks, delivering a dry and nonthermal approach that complements refrigeration. The tech will also continuously disinfect produce and destroy the pathogens that inhibit growth as well as spoilage microbes. The solution falls in contrast with chemicals that have a temporary residual effect and leave produce vulnerable to cross-contamination.

EPIC iO’s automated and data-driven solution will monitor the progress and results for maintaining the integrity of the chain of custody, regulatory compliance auditing and reporting, with manual swab readings being uploaded to quantify impact. DeepInsights’ AI constantly mines each customer’s growing data lake for unexpected patterns which could be indicative of a sudden change in pathogenic loads.

“The potential to fundamentally transform global food safety profoundly excites me,” Ken Mills, CEO of EPIC iO, said in a statement. “AI and IoT could put a major dent in the 1.8 billion tons of global food waste annually, and that’s on top of the massive potential wellness impact in healthcare and public transport.”

Food loss at the agricultural level disproportionately affects developing nations, whereas more is lost at the retail and consumer levels in middle and high-income regions, according to the United Nations. The EPIC iO solution will also increase shelf life and improve product quality without the use of additives—the only residue is pure oxygen.

“Refrigeration never killed microbes,” said Nelson Caldera, chief food safety consultant at ProcKeep, one of EPIC iO’s biosecurity partners. “EPIC iO does. Combining them means farmers, food processors, and carriers can now exceed their food safety and compliance targets using just air and electricity instead of expensive and harsh chemicals that ultimately taint the produce and make it more challenging to transport, use, and dispose of, but until now there has been no option.”


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