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Dottid to release AI-powered assistant to boost CRE operations

Property technology company Dottid, which makes it easier for the commercial real estate industry to manage complex transactions, recently announced its newest feature — Dottid AI. The release marks the company’s first step toward empowering asset management teams with a suite of AI features within Dottid.

This initial version of Dottid AI is designed to seamlessly integrate into daily operations of CRE teams. Using Dottid customers’ individualized portfolio data, the platform expedites CRE workflows and quickly retrieves real-time portfolio information, all through an intuitive AI-powered chat interface. This allows CRE teams to quickly make well-informed decisions, enhance their team performance, and ensure data accuracy in a way that fits naturally into their existing workflow.

“Dottid AI is the continuation of our thesis that great technology is the foundation of strong asset performance and we are excited for our customers to begin utilizing this functionality,” said Kyle Waldrep, Dottid Founder and CEO. “Asset operations is more critical than ever and Dottid will continue to build and expand feature sets to meet the needs of a dynamic market.”

Dottid AI can enable direct access to a user’s specific portfolio data and insights, making it an indispensable assistant that not only complements asset management workflow, but also provides a dynamic, intelligent help desk to ease onboarding and ensure users fully leverage the features within the Dottid platform.

“The CRE industry is about to witness a transformation powered by the advanced capabilities of Dottid AI, enabling instant portfolio insights and data-driven decisions,” said Senecca Miller, Dottid Chief Technology Officer. “We are excited to offer asset managers and CRE teams a powerful yet user-friendly tool that will give them an edge over competitors and streamline their operations like never before. At Dottid, we take pride in being pioneers in the proptech industry, pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that are reshaping the landscape of commercial real estate.”

“The integration of AI capabilities into our platform opens the door to a whole array of new user experiences and empowers us to enrich existing user capabilities,” said Vidroha Debroy, Dottid Vice President of Engineering. “Dottid is leading the way in this innovative transformation that will revolutionize asset management for commercial real estate.”

In April, the company also formally announced the release of Asset OS, its proprietary technology, which integrates workflow and data in one place, consolidating the robust capabilities of multiple platforms and tools into one intuitive interface, saving CRE firms valuable time and money.

Dottid AI will debut at CREtech in New York later in September. The feature will be available to all Dottid users in Fall 2023.

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