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5 reasons why you should attend the Connected Virtual Tech Event

The Connected Virtual Tech Event is fast approaching. Connected Real Estate Magazine, in conjunction with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), and the Proptech Challenge will present the online program on November 16 and 17. Attendees can log in between the hours of 10AM and 5PM EST. The Connected Virtual Tech Event eliminates the need for travel and people can use that time instead to have meaningful online interactions that can hopefully transform into promising opportunities for all parties involved.

This event is ideal for real estate leaders, public safety authorities, wireless providers, municipal government officials, hospital administrators, healthcare providers, hotel operators and more—essentially anyone in that owns or occupies real estate and anyone in tech and telecom will benefit from attending.

Here are five more reasons why you should register for the Connected Virtual Tech Event.

1. An innovative new platform

The Connected Virtual Tech Event will be held on a platform like none other. Attendees will feel like they are at the show in person as they create their own avatar, walk the show floor, speak directly with others rather than type messages, attend a beach party and more. This interactive software is more akin to a gaming platform than a typical virtual event platform and it will hold you attention and make attending a virtual event fun again.

2. Informative panels, keynotes and exhibits

This event will not only serve as a forum to make business connections—it will also be a bottomless well of information. Both days are jam-packed with sessions on public safety, 5G, CBRS, private LTE and more—all centered around a keynote talk from award-winning author, journalist and speaker Jennifer Moss on the Psychology of Making People Feel Safe as They Return to Work with Connectivity and Technology.

3. Live interaction with fellow attendees

A lot of organizations are holding virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not many present the opportunity to connect with attendees verbally. The Connected Virtual Tech Event will provide attendees the ability to do so—no keyboard necessary! Attendees can simply talk to others as if they were on a trade show floor together.

4. Choose your own track

REBNY, Connected and other groups will be putting on plenty of sessions at the event for attendees to select from. Attendees can check out the event agenda
in advance so they can create their own track over the course of two days and sit in on the sessions that they feel will be the most valuable them.

5. Useful information

Connected Real Estate Magazine and REBNY didn’t just want to provide a lot of information—they wanted to provide a lot of useful information. That’s what attendees will get at the Connected Virtual Tech Event. Every panel, keynote and exhibit is designed to make sure people come out of it with information they can use, including thoughts on business ideas to replace lost retail like childcare, medical office space, entertainment venues and Cannabis.

Bonus reason to attend: the Connected Virtual Tech Event is free!

That’s right—the Connected Virtual Tech Event is free for attendees. Between that, the “it’s just like you’re there” experience and the fact that attendees can take part from the comfort of their home or office, it makes sense to register for the Connected Virtual Tech Event today.

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