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Comba Goes Strong for First Responders

Boosts public safety portfolio with 3 new products

Radio frequency (RF) communications solutions and equipment provider Comba Telecom recently announced several product launches including 5W CriticalPoint public safety Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA), a CriticalPoint Annunciator Panel addition and Product.

Comba 5W CriticalPoint BDA

The company’s 5W version of its public safety BDA is designed to provide mission critical in-building communications for first responders in large or multi-store buildings. The solution supports 700MHz, 800MHz or dual band 700/800MHz frequencies. It comes in either Class A or Class B configurations. The 5W CriticalPoint BDA solution supports up to 32 channels per band (Class A) has full 5W downlink power for each band (not shared) and includes a built-in mandatory isolation test to prevent BDA oscillation.

“As a former first-responder, providing first responders the ability to transmit mission-critical in-building voice communications is critical and a focus here at Comba Telecom,” Don Henry, Comba Telecom’s Vice President of Sales and Public Safety Program Manager said in a statement. “Our new 5W BDA expands the LMR radio coverage area to support the first responder community to not only protect the public but first responders as well.”

Comba’s CriticalPoint 5W BDA will ship in November 1, 2020.

CriticalPoint Annunciator Panel added to public safety products

Comba Telecom also announced it added an Annunciator Panel to its public safety communications equipment.

Comba Telecom, Inc. (Subsidiary of Comba Telecom Holdings LTD.), a global leading wireless solutions provider, today announced it added an Annunciator Panel to their broad portfolio of in-building public safety communications equipment. The CriticalPoint Annunciator Panel offers direction connection to buildings’ main Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) meeting local building code requirements.

Additionally, the company’s Annunciator Panel solution provides eight visual and audible notification statuses of the Emergency Responder Radio Communications (ERRC) system that’s installed in building. The notifications are present anywhere alarms must be placed outside of the main equipment room. The solution allows building owners to local code requirements for Fire Life and Safety equipment.

There are also two additional alarms so the annunciator panel can notify itself of power losses or to communicate with ERRCS system. The Annunciator Panel is UL 2524 standard certified for public safety two-way emergency radio communications enhancement systems, which is quickly becoming a code requirement in many jurisdictions around the United States

“Offering an Annunciator Panel to meet local building code requirements for ERRC Systems a natural fit for our product portfolio,” Steven Cheng, Comba Telecom’s Public Safety Product Manager said in a release. “System Integrators often are required, or prefer to stick to one OEM manufacturer when installing an ERRC System and now Comba has just that, from the donor antenna, BDA or DAS, passives and service antennas, including the annunciator panel.”

Comba CriticalPoint Battery Backup Unit

Finally, Comba launched its 100AH CriticalPoint Battery Backup Unit (BBU), which will provide backup power to any of its safety fiber Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or BDAs. The Battery Backup Unit will also provide backup power to the newly launched 5W BDA in the event of a power outage during an emergency so first responders can continue to communicate.

Comba’s BBU solution provides (-48V) of nonstop DC power to public safety equipment for up to 24 hours a 200W. The BBU also provides AC fail, low battery and charger failure alarms in compliance with alarm notification requirements. The unit has the capability to offer up to four external alarms from other public safety equipment.

The BBU’s front panel comprises a series of eight LEDs to visually report the alarm notifications, an audible alarm and dry contacts for each output to the annunciator panel. Meanwhile, the unit also supports outlets for an Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch and can be monitored locally through an RJ45 port and is UL 2524 standard certified for public safety 2-way emergency radio communications enhancement systems.

“Battery Backup is an essential component of the Emergency Radio Response Communications
System (ERRCS) for public safety and adding a 100AH to support larger public safety devices rounds out Comba backup power solutions lineup,” Cheng said.

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