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Connected with Laurie is a podcast that is published every Wednesday on I-tunes, YouTube, iheart, and Spotify. Join Laurie Caruso for compelling interviews that will inform our listening community on innovation and new technology. She is a technology and media guru, and will discuss industry trends and topics related to In Building wireless and Public Safety communications, digital signage, Internet of Things (IoT) property tech and keeping tenants “connected”. Laurie will be joined in long form conversations with friends and guests from all corners of tech and telecom

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What will it take to run 5G technology?

In this episode of Connected with Laurie, Laurie interviews Andy Penley from Zenfi. Learn why it’s important to have a fiber strategy plan as we move into the future of…

Laurie Caruso

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Laurie Caruso, founder and CEO of Safe-Fi Technologies brings more than 26 years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry, having great success working on, and overseeing large system deployments. Ms. Caruso has spent time working with some of the largest, most complex projects in the industry including stadiums, hospitality and commercial real estate. Her working knowledge of Wi-Fi,DAS and Public Safety deployments, affords her the level of industry expertise to effectively assist her clients in getting the best solution for their venue or property. Laurie benefits from a very positive brand awareness within her extensive network, which has led to being asked to be chairperson in charge of charities for NEDAS and a member of Safer Buildings Coalition. In addition, Ms. Caruso has lent her many years of experience through countless safety panel discussions, often as moderator. Most recently Laurie was in New York City at the NEDAS Annual Convention where she led a panel discussion on Public Safety Technology. Laurie also hosts podcasts and has a local TV show that helps generate branding for small businesses to help launch their success. Name 2 accomplishments in the industry: 1. Founded Safe-Fi Technologies, a consulting firm that focuses on public safety deployments assisting the property owners throughout the complex process. 2. Public Safety brand ambassador working with carriers, industry experts and property owners to ensure the safety of our first responders and occupants. Through on air interviews, podcasts and panel discussions.

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