Home Newsletter WCI unveils ImpruviX connectivity solution for U.S. community and destination properties

WCI unveils ImpruviX connectivity solution for U.S. community and destination properties

World Cinema (WCI), a technology, services and connectivity provider for guest-centric properties, recently introduced its new ImpruviX solution. The turnkey, fully customized advanced wireless connectivity solution is geared towards community and destination properties across the United States. ImpruviX offers high-speed, secure digital connectivity experiences for those who work, visit or live in properties like hotels, student residence halls, senior communities, multi-family units and more.
ImpruviX provides endless connectivity and caters to the every need of residents and guests by supporting the latest and most sophisticated connectivity applications and uses including Internet of Things (IoT) smart controls such as security cameras, alert systems, smart flooring, leak detectors, lock/access controls, window treatment controls, and Power over Ethernet (POE) lighting.

How ImpruviX works

WCI’s ImpruviX solution provides connected experiences, including secure guest and resident device authentication and support for smart room and smart community applications at any U.S. property. ImpruviX is a single-source solution that works with custom-engineered design rather than proprietary technology or third-party vendors. This allows the company to use multiple and integrated technologies so it can meet property owners’ specific needs.

“Our mission is to become a property owner’s trusted partner and first choice in connectivity experiences for their guests and residents,” the company said in a statement.

WCI is also working to ensure its ImpruviX solution can work with 5G cellular networks, which wireless carriers are working tirelessly to deploy nationwide. ImpruviX can help properties converge the latest Wi-Fi technology with 5G to provide building-wide coverage and a pleasant connectivity experience for residents and guests whether they are inside or outside of the property.

“As a longtime partner and trusted technology provider to properties nationwide, we understand that reliable connectivity is vital to optimizing the value of any property where guests seek hospitality or where residents live,” WCI Chief Commercial Officer Robert Grosz said in a statement. “Building and operating a Wi-Fi network has become completely commoditized, with common sense standards easily achieved by any number of solution integrators. The unique value proposition of ImpruviX is our ability to understand the customized needs of any property or brand, and converge both 5G and Wi-Fi technologies to integrate innovative applications which will define the next generations of guest or resident experience.”

Good connectivity comes down to more than price

Grosz also noted that commercial real estate owners who make connectivity-related decisions based solely on price will likely not be able to fully address their tenants, guests or residents’ Internet-related needs.

“Technology is constantly changing, and as your connectivity partner we promise to be your chief catalyst and advisor to optimize the value of your asset through technology,” he said. “With ImpruviX, our goal is to be the first choice, single-source for endless connectivity to property owners and their residents and guests.”

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