Friday, May 29, 2020
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Walgreens to open Office in Chicago’s Old Post Office Building

In the fall of 2019, Walgreens will open a new office in Chicago, which will house 1,800 employees, the company said in a release. The company’s new office space will include approximately 200,000 square feet in the Windy City’s Old Post Office building on West Van Buren Street.
Opening an office in the Old Post Office building will allow Walgreens to boost its presence in Chicago and meet its future workforce’s needs. The new space will also help the company to continue to bring in and retain the job market’s top talent.
Of the 1,800 employees expected to work at the new space, 1,300 of those positions will filled by people who relocate to Chicago. It will mark the most corporate employees the company has ever had based in Chicago. Walgreens was founded in Chicago in 1901.
Walgreens is no stranger to The Old Post Office Building as it considered it in 2014 when the building was under different ownership, according to the Chicago Tribune. When the project is completed, it would be a boost for 601W Cos., the current property owners. The Chicago Tribune reported 601W Cos. Is in the middle of a redevelopment that could surpass $800 million. Other companies had looked at The Old Post Office, but were hesitant to sign a deal because it lacked an anchor tenant. Walgreens would provide 601W Cos. with a prominent tenant that could lead to signing more office leases.
Walgreens’ headquarters will remain in north suburban Deerfield, IL, where about 3,200 employees are expected to continue to work.
“Investing in our infrastructure and building our digital and technical capabilities are essential elements of our business transformation strategy, as we work to improve access for our customers and enhance the customer experience,” Walgreens president Alex Gourlay said in a statement. “The space in the iconic Old Post Office building allows us to attract and retain the best talent from all of Chicagoland.”
After the renovations are finished, the new office space will serve as an additional office location for Walgreens. Digital and IT operations employees that support Walgreens’ business, along with some of Walgreens Boots Alliance global IT personnel will work in The Old Post Office building.
This space will also expand Walgreens’ Technology Center of Excellence it launched last year. The center is expected to combine the company’s retail pharmacy technology teams with the digital, mobile and e-commerce teams who already work in Chicago. Walgreens’ digital office will move from Sullivan Center on South Wabash Ave to The Old Post Office Building.
“Walgreens was born in Chicago with one small pharmacy on the South Side, and their big new presence in one of our city’s most iconic locations is a great way to look to the future,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement. “This is a smart decision by an innovative company, it will contribute to our city’s thriving tech sector, and we are looking forward to cutting the ribbon and welcoming 1,800 members of the Walgreens team to Chicago.”

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