Friday, August 7, 2020
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SoLid Unveils New ALLIANCE 2W Remote Unit

Device expected to enhance deployment flexibility across all bands.

Cellular in-building and public safety infrastructure leader SOLid, recently announced the release of its new and improved 2W Remote Optic Unit (N2ROU) as an addition to its ALLIANCE portfolio. The ALLIANCE 2W Remote Unit (N2ROU) will help operators simplify installation, commissioning and management with a new, durable design.
Solid Public SafetySOLiD offers a portfolio of RF Amplifiers, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions to help people stay connected and safe. The company enables both indoor and outdoor cellular and public safety communications in venues where it can be challenging to get signals through. These venues include hospitals, college sports venues, corporate buildings, international airports and government buildings.
The company’s new remote unit will also be able to be mixed with other ALLIANCE remote units (5W, 20W and 40W) in one system that a common head end can drive. The unit’s versatility will allow for simple firmware upgrades, cost efficiency and flexibility.
The ALLIANCE 2W remote unit can deliver +33 dBM output power per band, except 2.5TTD at +32 dBm, at the antenna port for the 600, 700LTE, 700 FirstNet, 800 (Sprint)/850C, 1900P, 2100AWS, 2300WCS bands, and 2.5TDD. Additionally, the remote unit can support all commercial bands at once and an optional Add-on Remote unit (AOR) can be connected to the N2ROUS to provide extra RF services.
The new ALLIANCE 2W unit’s design is rugged but compact at the same time. It can be used for wall mounting, indoors or outdoors as well as for rack mounting. A dry contact relay is an option for input alarms from external units such as battery backup systems. With a compact design, the unit is poised for maximum flexibility in the event of future expansion.
“With our customers in mind, the ALLIANCE 2W N2ROU was created to provide a solution that is as cost effective as possible,” SOLiD Director of Product Management Mile Williamson said in a statement. “In doing so, we discovered the best way to achieve this is to have one common band module for all bands creating a cost efficient, reliable and rugged solution.”
The ALLIANCE 2W N2ROU’s additional benefits include all commercial bands exist in one cabinet; it allows for flexible 2500TDD deployment for either single input, single output (SISO) or multiple input, multiple output (MIMO); convection cooling and VHF/UHF support in AOR.
SOLiD will be at Mobile World Congress Americas through September 14 in Los Angeles at Booth number W.1220 to talk about the new ALLIANCE 2W Remote Optical Unit (N2ROU).

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