Friday, August 7, 2020
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Home Newsletter SOLiD announces 5G solutions platform, debuts GENESIS DAS

SOLiD announces 5G solutions platform, debuts GENESIS DAS

Earlier this week, cellular in-building infrastructure provider SOLiD unveiled the SOLiD GENSIS DAS for fiber to the edge solution needs. The company also announced an extended set of capabilities for the SOLiD Alliance platform in order to meet the needs of both 5G and 4G solutions for the coming years.
“The SOLiD ALLIANCE platform is a proven leader for in-building solutions such as stadiums, arenas, airports, subways, and commercial buildings.  Our record of success is a testament to the platform,” SOLiD Americas President Ken Sandfeld said in a statement. “Today, the ALLIANCE platform already supports 5G NR (New Radio).  As we look to the future, and to avoid the rip-and -replace strategy many in the industry do, we’ll be enhancing platform capabilities to support CBRS, mmWave and other advanced solutions soon.”
Sandfeld also said that while other companies are discussing deploying 5G solutions, SOLiD is already doing so in South Korea.
“SOLiD has already delivered the world’s first commercially deployed 5G repeater to SKT,” he said. “We were selected as SKT’s preferred partner on July 13, 2018 and then deployed units on December 1, 2018 when SKT did its first 5G air transmission. SKT is going to commercially deploy these over-the-air repeaters nation-wide in South Korea, starting with the Seoul metropolitan area. SOLiD will also provide 5G mobile front-haul solutions for the leading Korean MNO. We are proud to be among the first companies in the world delivering infrastructure for 5G deployments.”
Meanwhile, SOLiD showcased its GENESIS DAS at Verizon’s VZTUF XIII, which will, “address the needs of customers who want a software based, fiber-to-the-edge solution, designed to met the requirements of the ‘middleprise’ market,” Sandfeld said.
SOLiD’s GENESIS approach uses both software and hardware features that can simplify installation and configuration, offer 100% user control and adds more flexibility for all vertical market segments and applications. The company’s enhanced software functionality is also designed to decrease labor costs, leverage remote configuration and commissioning. When the solution is combined with a standards-based, fiber-to-the-edge infrastructure, SOLiD’s approach is expected to fit in seamlessly with the industry’s current ‘middleprise’ requirements.

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