Monday, May 25, 2020
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Home Newsletter SecuriThings Helps CRE Owners Keep Their Smart Buildings Safe

SecuriThings Helps CRE Owners Keep Their Smart Buildings Safe

When commercial real estate buildings are pre-wired for Wi-Fi and cellular network connectivity, it’s a positive for property owners. In today’s market tenants and residents want to work and live inside a building where they know they can use their mobile devices without any network connection mishaps. So when a property owner can tell a prospective tenant their building is equipped to handle any mobile or Internet of Things (IoT) devices they may have, they’re much more likely to secure a deal. 
That’s the benefit of operating a “smart building.” The downside is any building that has devices it can connect to wirelessly is vulnerable to hackers—they could disrupt thermostats, door locks, gain access to security cameras and more. If hackers can mess with a building’s IoT devices and data, there’s not much to stop them from eventually getting to any information a tenant may have on the building’s network. 
SecuriThings provides commercial real estate owners peace of mind that their buildings are safe from hackers with its User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) solution for IoT. The solution monitors both users and IoT devices themselves and covers any IoT application, including smart buildings. 
“What we realized with these devices was companies were initially doing a good job securing them, but once they were out there, no one really knew what was going on with them after they were deployed,” SecuriThings co-founder and CEO Roy Dagan told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “No one really knows if their network is under attack. That is our mission, to protect our customers and let them deploy our solutions without a lot of hassle.” 
Since SecuriThings takes pride in making it easy to deploy its solutions, the company works with system integrators that handle the deployment for its customers. Plus, if a customer deploys a SecuriThings solution on an IoT platform, the company is already integrated on a number of the industry’s leading platforms. That means a commercial real estate owner’s smart building protection begins as soon as they activate SecuriThings. The company also provides customers with a dashboard so that they too can see what’s going on with any of their building’s IoT devices at all times. 
The SecuriThings solution helps commercial real estate owners protect their buildings in three stages—monitoring, detection and mitigation. It monitors large amounts of IoT activities in real time to assess the level of risk associated with every activity. In the detection stage, the company finds threats, also in real time; based on abnormal usage patterns it finds using advanced statistical methods. Finally, in the mitigation stage, SecuriThings will create policies that will automate the building owner’s decision-making process on how to handle a threat, and ensure compliance going forward. 
“The more we make progress and the more devices that are out there, the more property managers are under attack,” Dagan said. “We provide a layer of real time, visible protection by telling our customers what’s happening with their devices at all times.” 
To see how SecuriThings can protect your smart building’s IoT devices, schedule a demo.

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