Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Home DAS & In Building Wireless Recent traumatic events underscore the need for reliable emergency communications

Recent traumatic events underscore the need for reliable emergency communications

Developers and Building Owners Have a Responsibility to Ensure First Responder Communications Can Be Made Into And Out Of Their Venues

Once again our nation is traumatized by unthinkable violence being perpetrated on innocent, helpless people. As our first responders take center stage, we get a close up view of the dangers they face trying to quell the oppressor, while protecting and aiding the victims.
As we have all seen, these events produce intense chaos. However, the police, fire and emergency medical personnel cannot let themselves be drawn into the bedlam. To stay above the fray necessitates being able to stay in instantaneous voice contact via land mobile radios.  These communications must be reliable, of good voice quality and above all secure. There can be hundreds of first responders on scene all needing to be directed and dispatched in an organized way. On-scene commanders rely on real time input from those closest to the action to be situationally aware, which of course is critical to the decision making process.
It is important for the real estate community to understand that all first responders completely rely on the municipality’s emergency communication system both outdoors and in-building. At times it is literally there life-line. Outdoor two-way radio calls are generally not a problem, but in-building is a different story. The building materials block or attenuate the emergency RF signal making voice contact spotty or not possible. This is the reason for the creation and implementation building codes that require the installation of in-building public safety radio systems.
Commercial Real Estate developers and building owners can directly help first responders more safely execute their mission by installing and maintaining in-building  public safety radio systems where needed.
It is therefore very important that building owners select integrators/installers that are completely radio frequency literate and qualified in every way.  Although very tempting, the lowest bid is rarely the answer. (See my weekly article concerning selecting a qualified vendor; )
Unfortunately these in-building radio systems take on more and more importance every day. Their proper installation and maintenance over time becomes more than a building code requirement; it takes on the significance of a moral imperative. Commercial Real Estate Developers and building owners play a bigger role than they realize when it comes to effective first responder emergency operations.
For additional information contact Bob Butchko at or 973.244.5868 x104.

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