Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Realcomm Promotes Proptech and Begins to Eye Wireless Connectivity

Realcomm recap
Last week’s Realcomm show in Nashville seemed like a well-oiled machine run by a top shelf team of trade show pros. The event brought together the who’s who of CRE leaders to meet lots and lots of vendors with products and services to sell.
There were certainly a huge amount of companies selling software as a service, but the show has started to turn the corner as a place for companies in the wireless and connectivity industries to find real end-user customers to actually make deals with. The day and age of shows where vendors stand around talking to each other, discussing the lack of real customers just may be coming to an end.
What makes for a successful Realcomm show?
The old saying that advertising and marketing are a function of frequency and reach, led me to at least one conclusion—you must become part of the community. You have to put in the time, meet the players, not be intimidated by all the folks you DON’T know and begin to get to know them. Those of us that have spent years of our careers in telecom must adapt and begin to know who’s who and be sure that we become known. The reason that Connected Real Estate Magazine was there and making sure the new issue was in everyone’s hands was for exactly that reason—to continue our inroads into being part of the CRE community.
Yes, we want to get to know everyone and yes we participated in panels and made sure our contributors were represented. We also recorded nearly 20 videos of connectivity vendors that we support and made sure that they are in the CRE community’s thoughts. But I digress.
Sure, the usual suspects that service the CRE folks were there like Yardi, MRI and VTS, but “WE” were also there. The “WE” being the telecom and connectivity community and “WE” are finally part of the conversation that any CRE leader worth their yearly bonus needs to be aware of to do their job and do it well.
Commercial Real Estate, meet wireless. Wireless say hello to CRE.

View our exclusive Realcomm video interviews with commercial real estate, wireless, connectivity, and proptech leaders.

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