Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Geoverse and Orion Labs Collaborate to Bring Push-to-Talk Services for Private LTE Networks on CBRS

Geoverse and Orion Labs Collaborate to Bring Push-to-Talk Services for Private LTE Networks on CBRS
Orion Labs, Inc., which delivers instant and secure voice and location communication such as Push-to-Talk across numerous connected devices, applications, AI-powered services, et cetera, and ATN International subsidiary, Geoverse, a mobile network operator that designs, deploys, and operates Private LTE services on 4G/LTE—en route to 5G, recently announced a strategic collaboration. The companies plan to work together in an effort to accelerate the adoption and deployments of private LTE networks and 5G capabilities by providing a suite of solutions that includes the Orion messaging platform for real-time communications.
Geoverse provides faster and more reliable services for commercial, Internet of Things (IoT), and residential intelligent building management. As part of this agreement, Orion’s voice platform will provide Push-to-Talk capabilities within Geoverse’s Private LTE deployments, which will allow organizations to leverage the platform so they can increase employee productivity and safety.
“Geoverse offers customized designs and deployments of private LTE networks that deliver the ultimate connectivity for companies of all sizes and industries,” Jesse Robbins, Founder and CEO of Orion Labs, Inc. said in a statement. “Orion works closely with similar enterprises and understands firsthand how important Push-to-Talk is for these companies looking to collaborate on the job. Geoverse is a key partner as we continue to roll-out new deployments of our award-winning Orion Voice Platform. Better connectivity access for workers is vital to not only improving team performance, but also ensuring the safety of those workers.”
Meanwhile, Geoverse CEO Rod Nelson added, “Geoverse’s mission is to provide carrier-grade connectivity through turnkey solutions for a building or complex ready to embrace secure connectivity for its tenants and customers. It’s clear that Orion is a pioneer in delivering real-time communications services. Working together, I see our evolution to 5G as a collaboration that will help make the workplace safe and always connected. We’re excited to get started with the talented Orion team.”
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