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Phoenix Tower acquires Syscom Telecom, adds 80,000 sites to portfolio

Phoenix Tower International (PTI) closed out 2018 by acquiring Syscom Telecom, LLC. The transaction allows PTI to add more than 80,000 marketable sites to its portfolio.
PTI currently owns and manages more than 6,000 and 986km of fiber and other wireless infrastructure throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, French West Indies, Jamaica, Argentina and Ecuador.
Syscom Telecom, LLC, a U.S.-based small cell deployment business, manages and markets more than 80,000 sites for small cell and macro cell deployments with various small cell master agreements in place wireless operators.
“The growing demand for better network connectivity and speed is accelerating the pace of small cell deployments in the United States and wireless operators are focused on achieving aggressive small cell build-out goals,” PTI Chief Executive Officer Dagan Kasavana told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “Due to this reason, we believed that offering access to unique sites combined with a well-equipped team of personnel focused solely on solving our customers’ small cell deployment needs was the right approach. PTI’s end-to-end infrastructure solutions include not only the Syscom sites but also a growing real estate portfolio of towers and rooftops across the country.
“With PTI’s capital, we are able to pair these unique real estate assets with the ability to build fiber directly to any underserved sites for our customers, ensuring they are able to operate and connect at all locations.  So the strong team, plus the unique locations and the ability to provide fiber connectivity, provides PTI a compelling offering in a crowded field of infrastructure providers in the U.S.”
Kasavana also said in a company statement that PTI had been in the market for a small cell focused team in the United States as a way to help its customers its next-generation deployments. Syscom answered that call.
“Syscom Telecom’s team, led by Santiago Quintana, has, since inception, been focused on small cell deployments on unique real estate assets such as billboards, rooftops, and other locations, which are ideal for small cell installations and as a result, have made significant inroads with all wireless operators,” he said. “As PTI focuses on delivering solutions for future network needs, we believe that having a strong small cell focused group, backed with capital alongside our traditional macro focused sales and operations team, is the right approach to better service our customers’ collocation and network connectivity deployment needs. We’re confident that between our owned towers and third-party real estate, Syscom and PTI will deliver a level of customer service and desirable site locations for our customers as they continue to upgrade their networks from coast to coast.”

Recently, PTI has made a number of strategic investments across the Americas to support its business plan, according to Kasavana. PTI’s additional recent acquisitions include 1,000 km of fiber in Mexico, investments in Syscom LatAM in South America and Fast Site Solutions in Central America.
“(These acquisitions) have allowed PTI to lead next-generation solutions on behalf of our customers with dedicated teams in all markets,” Kasavana said in a statement.
Terms of the transaction remain confidential.

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