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Envoy bets big on hybrid work with OfficeTogether acquisition

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have searched for the best way to make their employees feel good about returning the office. The hybrid work approach has been a popular one, but enterprises quickly learned that there’s more to hybrid work than working in the office some days and remotely others — the in-person days have to be more accommodating to workers.

Envoy, a software platform that helps enterprises better manage hybrid workplaces, is aware of the need for an effective hybrid environment. The company recently announced a strategic acquisition of desk reservation and scheduling startup OfficeTogether. This marks Envoy’s first acquisition and follows a $111 million funding round in January.

The combination of the prior funding and OfficeTogether’s expertise puts Envoy in a position to focus on accelerating workplace innovation and helping companies build collaborative and productive spaces that employees actually want to go to.

Envoy’s priority is to make hybrid work easier for companies, regardless of size or location. By investing more in product development and engineering, Envoy will fast track additions to its workplace platform and equip companies to successfully run their workplaces now as well as in years to come.

Building the next-generation workplace platform

Managing a hybrid workplace can be complicated, but the more than 16,000 locations that use Envoy find doing so a lot easier, according to the company. The workplace platform allows business leaders to move faster and streamlines processes that can hinder great work and community building. Additionally, company leadership can save time and money by having everything they need in one location.  Visitor check-in, desk and room booking, mailroom management and real-time workplace data are all available on the Envoy platform to help executives make space-related decisions.

OfficeTogether’s customers will migrate to Envoy’s platform over the next few months. Meanwhile, OfficeTogether CEO and Founder Amy Yin, along with the company’s engineers and designers, will join Team Envoy in an effort to speed production. Their focus will be to accelerate the next generation of innovative products for more welcoming, engaging spaces.

“From the moment we met Amy, it was clear she had a passion for the space,” said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO, at Envoy. “Every conversation was better than the last. Maybe it’s because we’re both engineers and have the same excitement for creating innovative products that help companies build the best workplaces. Amy is great at identifying workplace problems and solving them fast. She and the team have the expertise and nimbleness we need to build at scale and iterate in this hybrid world that is evolving quickly.

“Our teams are growing fast. We’re always looking for motivated engineers, product managers and designers who are excited about developing on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world. We’re making workplaces work for everyone.”


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