Monday, May 25, 2020
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New social media platform realfriends gives CRE owners another reason to embrace connectivity

Among the many reasons commercial real estate owners are being implored to have high functioning wireless connectivity in their buildings is for mobile device use. And while what tenants are using their mobile devices for will change, there’s likely to be one constant for quite some time—social media.
Yes, it will probably be a while before mobile device users aren’t posting on or scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. Sure, one might think that those platforms might not be around forever and therefore don’t justify having quality in-building connectivity. However, it’s important to remember even if those platforms go away, there’s sure to be something that replaces it.
Take the new social media app, realfriends for example. Its concept is similar to Facebook, but it provides security, privacy and intimacy that Facebook users don’t experience now, the company said in a release. The company believes it’s changing the rules of social media as its app does not contain commercial content, and it’s the only social app that does not track, spy, see or follow its users in any way.
“realfriends believes that what a user shares in social media is different whether it is with family, friends, gym, work or other,” the company said in a release “Therefore, in the app you create as many independent groups as you want of up to 25 members each maintaining relevance and privacy.”
Meanwhile, whatever realfriends users’ friends post, they will see on their timeline. Users also will have full control over how their posts or images will be shared, without compromising security.
“The role of social media has never been more in the news,” realfriends said in a release. “People are made aware of how Facebook and others have accumulated their personal details and information which they manipulate and use for their advertisers. Most realize now that they are constantly watched, followed and spied on. They feel and know that they have lost control of their intimacy and cannot anymore trust most social apps. The business model of a social network centered on profit and their advertisers is over.”
The realfriends app team has looked into some of the problems that have plagued social media platforms and have come up with their innovative solutions to address them. For example, while Facebook collects as much user information as it can to allow for the most accurate targeting for their advertisers, realfriends only collects their users’ name, birthday, sex and country upon registration.

“At realfriends, it’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to building and maintaining relationships,” founder Raphael A. said. “We are bringing back sincerity and intimacy into today’s social media and relationships.”
If realfriends is looking to challenge the Facebooks of the world, there are most likely other companies who want to make their presence felt in the social media world, too. That means commercial real estate owners must continue to keep their buildings flawlessly connected as it appears scrolling and posting on social media is not going away any time soon.

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