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New In-Vehicle Cell Signal Booster from SureCall

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Cell phone signal booster provider SureCall recently released a new model for vehicles, the Fusion2Go Max. This solution is the first multi-user booster to feature SureCalls’s newly patented Extended Range Technology™ (ERT). Fusion2Go Max is designed for cars, trucks or any other vehicle smaller than an RV.

“The Max provides next-level performance by way of simple and elegant engineering rather than bigger products where the additional cost of manufacturing is typically passed onto customers,” the company said in a release.

More than two decades of industry experience and several years in company labs made SureCall’s latest technological advancement possible. The Max is expected to revolutionize the signal booster space by further enhancing power, coverage and signal quality by at least double. Users will notice longer vehicle-to-cell tower reach and freedom, increased data speeds and better in-vehicle coverage without seeing a comparative increase in pricing.

“(Fusion2Go Max) gives you the cleanest signal coming into the vehicle because you’re amplifying it right at the source,” SureCall Vice President of Marketing Jon Bacon told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “With some other boosters and older designs, we tried to mitigate through different filters to filter the good signal in and bad stuff out, but you still got noise. This solution is only amplifying what’s needed in a cleaner way so the signal you’re getting is very close to what the tower is producing outside.”

“With the N-Range [for vehicles] exceeding all our expectations for a single-user device last year, we wanted to create the ultimate version of that booster by taking everything we learned and vastly increasing the power, reach, and reliability,” SureCall CEO and Chief Engineer Hongtao Zhan said in a release. “The Fusion2Go Max is the result of us combining the best engineering in the industry with the highest quality build materials, giving road warriors the top-of-the-line product for reliable, high-performance connectivity.”

SureCall developed Fustion2Go Max in part give people who work remotely, operate in rural areas or are generally in bad cell signal areas better coverage.  These locations range from Texas all the way to Canada as well as upstate New York.

“There’s not enough of a population to warrant building towers everywhere (in some areas),” Bacon said. “So the more that people are taking work with them to get away for an early weekend or working remotely, the more they need to be able to connect and often times that means a booster in their home, cabin, cottage or vehicle.”

Users from various industries and walks of life will be able to enjoy the fast, reliable connection Fusion2Go Max was designed to provide. This includes rideshare company drivers, white collar workers who have to make calls on the go, photographers and hikers, or even someone who gets lost and needs a reliable safety net they can count on to connect them to outside support. Whatever field a user is in, The Max provides increased data speeds, more in-vehicle flexiblity and more freedom to travel as it works well in areas with weak signals.

“We feel very strongly about this patented element and what it has allowed us to do to bring the best signal possible to customers,” Bacon said. “(Fusion2Go Max) is literally double the power of the previous model without doubling the price.”

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