Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Home Smart Buildings IoT Liberty Defense to Test AI Weapons Detection Tech at Baltimore Sports Complex

Liberty Defense to Test AI Weapons Detection Tech at Baltimore Sports Complex

Liberty Defense HEXWAVE

Liberty Defense Holdings, a concealed weapons detection solutions company recently announced it signed a collaboration agreement to test its HEXWAVE product with the Maryland Stadium Authority, which manages the sport venues at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Camden Yards is home to the 72,000-seat Oriole Park where Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles play. They expect to begin testing early next year.


The beta testing phase is a key part of HEXWAVE’s development process. Testing the system in operational and diverse facilities like Camden Yards can give Liberty Defense a lot of information. Liberty Defense can ensure it lines up with market requirements. The company expects to also beta test HEXWAVE at international venues. Such as Allianz Arena in Germany, Rogers Arena in Toronto, Canada, Sleiman shopping centers as well as a Hindu temple.

HEXWAVE uses low power, radar imagining and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and identify weapons without collecting or storing guests’ personal information. Allowing it to avoid privacy issues other systems that rely on facial recognition encounter. HEXWAVE can detect both metallic and non-metallic items, used inside and outside. The technology’s flexibility allows for a venue to have a layered defense strategy. Threats get detected early at the property’s perimeter without hinder the movement of large crowds of people.

Why Baltimore? And Where Next?

“Baltimore has long been a sports-oriented city,” Liberty Defense CEO Bill Riker said in a statement. “One of our key market verticals is sports and entertainment venues, and we look forward to adding Baltimore, home to two premier sports teams, and Camden Yards to our beta testing program. To date, Liberty has had overwhelming interest from the major professional sporting leagues, particularly in North America, but also in Europe.”

The company’s HEXWAVE beta test at Camden Yards’ live environment follows its initial Alpha test that’s happening at the Liberty Center of Excellence in Atlanta.

“It’s important for us to ensure not only a great experience for our guests, but also a safe and secure experience as well,” Maryland Stadium Authority Vice President, Safety and Security, Vernon J. Conway Jr. said in a statement. “HEXWAVE is an exciting new innovation that provides an answer to the security challenges we face today. We look forward to be able to test this exciting new technology at our property.”

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