Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Home JMA JMA Wireless partner INWIT deploys XRAN software in Italian soccer arena

JMA Wireless partner INWIT deploys XRAN software in Italian soccer arena

JMA Wireless, which designs and builds next-generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems, recently announced it installed its XRAN virtualized RAN software in the soccer stadium Dacia Arena, located in Udine, Italy. The software is connected to a high capacity indoor coverage system based on the JMA TEKO Distributed Antenna System (DAS) so it can offer high-quality voice and data collection. Infrastructure Wireless Italian, S.p.A. (INWIT), which provides wireless managed infrastructure and services across Italy, commissioned the system.

The solution introduces the emergence of a true, all-software RAN technology that will bring large venues a significantly new approach, deliver on significant efficiencies and allow for flexibility to deliver more new capabilities than ever before. Additionally, the XRAN introduction marks a shift towards managed service providers such as INWIT, who provide the ability to operate edge network elements like VRAN in collaboration with mobile operators.
“XRAN fits perfectly our Neutral Host DNA, as provider of multi-operator and multiband solutions,” INWIT Chief Executive Officer Giovanni Ferigo said in a statement. “Never before has the wireless industry had such a breakthrough that enables this level of network efficiency and agility to adapt to fast changing demands. XRAN changes everything.”
Dacia Arena, where the Udinese Calcio soccer club plays, is where some of the world’s biggest fans come to watch their favorite matches and share their in-stadium experience with family and friends. Because of this, the demand for connectivity has continued to get bigger. The XRAN system will bring soccer fans significant new capacity.
“Cost, simplicity, footprint, power, and cooling changes dramatically with XRAN,” Remo Ricci, President of TEKO Systems at JMA Wireless said in a company release. “XRAN was designed from its inception to close the gap between rapidly growing in-building mobile connectivity demands and today’s complex, proprietary hardware solutions that were unable to evolve and adapt for multi-operator services.”
INWIT is known for its ability to leverage leading technology innovation and demonstrating industry first. The company picking XRAN for Dacia Arena is the perfect example of its forward-thinking and shows other venue owners what the evolution to software RAN can deliver. XRAN offers significant cost efficiencies by using standard commercial servers, digital fiber connectivity and tools that can streamline operations.
By using XRAN, INWIT can decrease installation time by up to 70 percent, reduce power and cooling by up to 75 percent and decrease required headspace by up to 95 percent. As the first Italian Neutral Host, INWIT is prepared for increasing indoor and outdoor mobile service as it leverages JMA Wireless XRAN along with the TEKO Cell Hub technology that it announced last year.

INWIT, the first Italian Neutral Host, is also ready for increasing indoor and outdoor mobile service, leveraging JMA Wireless XRAN along with the TEKO Cell Hub technology announced by JMA in 2018.

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