Monday, August 10, 2020
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JMA Wireless acquires 5G-focused PHAZR

Merger creates first U.S. company with complete LTE and 5G tech that address full range of spectrum.
Belden & JMA Wireless
JMA Wireless, a mobile network edge solutions innovator announced it acquired R&D and 5G radio solutions industry leader PHAZR. The acquisition puts PHAZR in a position where it will complement JMA’s XRAN all-software radio access platform, and establish the first American company with complete LTE and 5G technologies that address the full range of spectrum—from 600 MHz to 47 GHz.
The merger also formulates the industry’s first fully integrated architecture that simultaneously addresses non-standalone systems for in-building, large venues, and outdoor 5G and LTE as well as the emerging demand to move RAN assets towards 10% virtualization and continuing to drive intelligence to the edge of the network.
As a supporter of the FCC’s 5G FAST plan, which opens new spectrum to accelerate 5G in the U.S. market, JMA Wireless’ and PHAZR’s union puts the companies in a position to support ongoing demand across a wide variety of licensed and unlicensed spectrum.
PHAZR’s 5G RAN technology takes all of the baseband and antenna elements and puts them into one single content package. Radios support both mid band (2 GHz to 6 GHz) and millimeter wave (24 GHz to 47 GHz) bands to create numerous deployment options. This vast amount of capability comes in a laptop-sized package and opens deployment possibilities that are not currently on the market.
5G has to be flexible in frequency support and compact enough to deploy in any scenario, either indoors or outside if it’s ever going to be a transformative technology. PHAZR’s development is unique in that it started only with 5G in mind. The company’s singular focus allowed for designs to be built around extremely dense outdoor environments or in-building where 80% of wireless communications take place.
Repackaged into a ‘strand mount’ product, it can be hung on utility wires, making use of readily available real estate at a fraction of the cost. The ability to cover these areas is critical to support next gen user experiences at the RAN edge and offer private 5G/LTE networks to enterprises, all while ensuring the highest level of security end to end.
“Combining JMA Wireless and PHAZR, the world’s most advanced 4G LTE & 5G RAN technology is now in one U.S. based company, providing mobile network operators a new, flexible option that can be deploy 5G across any part of their footprint including the hard to each, less accessible areas today – dense strand mount, buildings, and venues included.” JMA Wireless CEO John Mezzalingua said in a statement. “Further, we’re doubling down on U.S. based innovation with all 5G development being driven domestically.”
“Using a clean-sheet approach and listening to customers is how we got to the product set we have today,” CEO of PHAZR Farooq Khan said. “Now with JMA, we have the scale and support to accelerate our development and market deployment efforts. We will continue to adhere to the basis of our success—listen to our customers and help them solve their problems.”

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