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Fifth Gen Media to Host Webinars with ANS, T-Mobile

Sessions will focus on public safety, ‘future-proofing’ CRE buildings.
Fifth Gen Media, publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine, will host a pair of informative webinars in conjunction with telecommunications solutions provider ANS Advanced Wireless Services and wireless carrier T-Mobile.
ANS In-Building Public Safety Webinar
The first webinar, “Property Owners Beware: The Changing Dynamics of In-Building Public Safety Will Affect You! It’s More than Two-way Radios.” will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 2 p.m. EST. Fifth Gen Media CEO and Connected Real Estate Magazine publisher Rich Berliner will moderate the panel, which will feature ANS Advanced Network Services President and General Manager Paul Fettuccia and Director of In-Building Wireless Brendan Delaney, as well as Sunrise Management and Consulting President and Founder Jesse Holland.
Given how important public safety is in the commercial real estate environment, this webinar will review the public safety ecosystem, including everything from what property owners need to know about the current code environment to the upcoming FirstNet LTE based first responder system. How CRE owners can best address their wireless coverage will also be discussed. The webinar panel will bring a number of unique perspectives to this discussion, including real estate development, fire services, wireless design and construction, as well as the commercial real estate consulting side of the equation.
Remember, while the code requires two-way radio coverage for your building, the general public’s safety and what the public will hold you responsible for contains much more than that. You may have received your Certificate of Occupancy, but it does not mean you’re fully covered. Areas like Florida, Utah and Las Vegas have already gone above and beyond when it comes to its requirements for what buildings have to do to have compliant in-building coverage. It will only be a matter of time before your region follows suit. To learn more about these requirements, and to ensure your building meets and exceeds code requirements, register for the May 9 public safety webinar.
T-Mobile Webinar Truly Smart Buildings
A week later, Fifth Gen Media will host another webinar, “A Truly Smart Building Doesn’t Rely on Wi-Fi Alone” that will focus on in-building connectivity as it pertains meeting tenants’ demands. The webinar will take place on Thursday, May 16 at 2 p.m. EST. Berliner will also moderate this webinar and T-Mobile Senior Manager of Engineering, Business Development Luke Lucas will also speak.
The webinar will inform CRE owners on what they can do to ensure they’re providing their tenants better wireless connectivity than their competition so they can retain and attract tenants. Attendees will also learn how they can develop a “smart” facility with good planning and wireless carrier partner.
Berliner and Lucas will also address how carriers cannot wire every building, so it will be up to CRE owners and operators to develop strategies to meet their tenants’ demand for reliable wireless. This discussion will provide an overview on why Wi-Fi is not enough to make CRE owners’ buildings smart, as well as solutions to help make their buildings more efficient and cost-effective while they bring robust cellular connectivity to their tenants.
Learn how to plan a solution now that will ensure your building is future-proof by registering for the May 16 webinar.

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