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Comba Releases Public Safety BBU, Expands Public Safety DAS Product Line


Company also announces new equipment passes UL 2524 standards.

Comba Telecom, which provides radio frequency (RF) communications solutions and equipment to the wireless industry, recently announced its Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) and Battery Backup Unit (BBU) were certified to meet the UL 2524 standard for in-building two-way emergency radio communications enhancement systems.

While Comba’s BDAs and BBUs received UL 2524 compliance separately, they were also tested and will be listed as a system—that means system integrators and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) can be confident that when the units are installed in the field together, they’ll meet and comply with the UL 2524 standard.

The new UL 2524 standard, which was ratified by the Approved American National Standard (ANSI) last year, applies to products including repeater, transmitter, receiver, signal booster components, remote annunciators and operational consoles, power supply and battery charger system components to be employed in accordance with several Model Building and Installation codes. Those codes include the Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communication Systems (NFPA 1221); National Electrical Code (NFPA 70); Fire Code (NFPA 1); Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) and the International Fire Code. Meanwhile, several AHJs around the U.S. have adopted the UL 2524 standard and slated it for enforcement.

“Ensuring the safety, reliability and operation of two-way public safety radio equipment for first responders is critical to protecting the public during emergencies,” Don Henry, Comba Telecom’s VP of Sales and Public Safety Program Manager, said in a statement. “Comba is proud to be the first BDA vendor to offer a solution comprised of both the BDA and Battery Backup that has been certified as a system.”

Once Comba’s BBU solution met the UL 2524 standard, the company announced it released its CriticalPoint™ Public Safety BBU to power its line of BDAs and Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in case power is cut off during an emergency so first responders’ communications keep working. Comba’s CriticalPoint BBU provides (-48V) of uninterruptible DC power to public safety equipment for up to 24 hours at 100W or 12 hours at 200W. The unit also provides an AC fail, battery low and charger fail alarms as well as up to four external alarms from other public safety equipment.

“Battery Backup is an essential component of the Emergency Radio Response Communications System (ERRCS) for public safety and we are proud to offer Comba’s solution,” Comba Telecom Public Safety Product Manager Steven Cheng said in a statement. “Designed specifically for our BDAs and Fiber DAS products, the BBU integrates seamlessly into creating a robust and dependable public safety system.”

Comba also recently announced it expanded its 700/800MHz CriticalPoint™ Public Safety DAS product line, which now includes a Fiber Optical Expansion Unit to extend Land Mobile Radio (LMR) safety in-building communications signal coverage.  The expansion unit offers a four-port or eight-port model—each unit can expand Comba’s DAS solution, based on the number of ports, to add either four to eight additional remotes to the system for better system coverage. Plus, up to three Fiber Optical Expansion Units can be connected to allow for a maximum of 32 remote units to be controlled and managed by one Comba DAS Master Unit.

“We are excited to add an expansion unit to our public safety Fiber DAS product line,” Henry said. “We complete our public safety DAS product line up by now offering a solution that covers extremely large buildings or multiple buildings such as in a school or work campus environment.  It also provides the building owner a cost-effective solution without having to duplicate multiple systems.”

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