Thursday, July 9, 2020
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CLC Global Advisors, a CRE matchmaker—and much more

New York-based CLC Global Advisors has a mission: facilitate both innovation and impact in the technology and real estate development sectors.
Carole Crist, CLC Global Advisors founder and CEO, leads the company that offers its clients marketing, branding and consulting services to help them meet their goals. Among CLC Global Advisors’ numerous strategic partners are real estate developers, innovative technology companies, including PropTech, wealth management firms and more. Crist, a licensed realtor in New York and Florida, former First Lady in Florida and co-founder of Blue Star Jets, has used her 25-plus years as an accomplished businessperson to develop the global network her company helps advise today.
CLC Global Advisors
In terms of CLC Global Advisors’ commercial real estate services, the company specializes in matching buyers with sellers of unlisted properties. CLC Global typically partners with buyers and Crist’s colleagues and associates have properties they want to sell. The criteria of these deals are quite strict, according to Crist. The property must be truly off of the market, not something that’s been shopped around to no avail. The seller also has to be real and accessible; not just someone who is considering selling their property and is testing the market.
“It’s about matching opportunities to the capital and the investment community,” Crist told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “A lot of times discretion is required—particularly in the area of hospitality and hotels. They have to be very discreet, because it could be damaging to their business and that’s what I make every effort to do.”
Crist admits to be incredibly selective about the properties she introduces her clients to. She vets properties carefully and ensures they meet her buyers’ criteria.
“I match them on a case by case basis,” Crist said. “I’m pretty surgical; whereas other brokers I think make a habit of sending out mass emails that say, ‘Oh, I’ve got this property.’ Instead, I work hard to summarize the highlights about why I believe it’s the best show and why (my client) should consider it.”
CLC Global Advisors also takes the same selective approach when it comes to what businesses it works with who are seeking consulting or marketing help.
“It has to be very scalable in helping people improve their lives in some way, shape or form, or be something for an industry,” Crist said. “I try to be very selective with who I work with, and one in particular as it relates to the tokenization of real estate, which is the inevitable way things are going to unlock equity for property owners, stable coin, just to afford that sort of platform or innovation.”
For example, CLC Global Advisors works with Element Zero, which describes itself as a non-profit next generation payment network that’s based on a stable coin creation platform. The company is designed, “with the hope of making the world better for all, by providing a new form of payment that is protected against long-term inflation and eliminates the possibility for any volatility in the first place,” according to the firm’s white paper. The blockchain startup came about to meet its founder, Jointer’s, need to provide its users a solution for stable, decentralized cryptocurrency payments. Element Zero’s determination to disrupt payment network industry is the kind of innovation CLC Global Advisors is looking for.
“It’s all about impact,” Crist said. “It is trying to bring together strategic partners, innovators, thought leaders and the right people to the table to facilitate this innovation, raise awareness and education.”

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