Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Cheytec welcomes ADRF to its Accelerate Program

cheytecCheytec Telecommunications recently welcomed Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF) to its Accelerate Program. The news was announced at the DASPedia event in Irvine, CA last week.
Cheytec specializes in the deployment and operation of in-building wireless telecommunications systems. Its library of applications include distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cell, C-RAN, DOT, and other solutions that deliver wireless coverage inside office buildings, hotels, campuses, sporting venues and other high-traffic areas. Its Accelerate Program lets enterprises and building owners license signal source equipment for carrier use that before was only available directly to wireless operators.
For a company like ADRF the program opens avenues to new real estate leadership and property management groups who can now offer a valuable service to tenants and while simultaneously generating additional revenue from them.”We are very excited to welcome ADRF to the Accelerate Program to bring complete solutions, inclusive of carrier-certified RF signal source and best-in-class DAS solutions,” Cheytec CEO Jarret Bluth said. “ Our partnership will undoubtedly increase the overall value for real estate and enterprise customers. ”The partnership will also allow ADRF to provide its customers with operator certified RF signal sources and base stations in tandem with its industry leading DAS and repeater solutions.
Also for enterprises and building owners, this announcement means being able to improve the quality of connectivity throughout locations in the United States with upgraded LTE signals. The Accelerate Program also offers current and future support for LAA and CBRS, respectively. Both of these bands have gained popularity throughout large organizations and want to implement innovative connectivity solutions through the unlicensed spectrums. ADRF is the first DAS provider to offer support for LAA and CBRS. “Cheytec has established tremendous inroads with carriers and commercial real estate operators through partnerships and licensing agreements,” said ADRF president Julie Song. “Through our participation in the Accelerate Program, we will offer these real estate customers access to all of ADRF’s flexible solutions in connectivity and public safety.”
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