Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Big news from your friends at Connected Real Estate Magazine.

Connected Real Estate Summit

February 2020 will bring the 20th annual ITExpo, one of the largest IT and Networking events of the year attracting 750 companies and over 7000 attendees. And for the first time, it will now include the Connected Real Estate Summit, brought to you by Connected Real Estate Magazine.

Multiple Events – Multiple Opportunities – Single Venue – One Pass.

The Connected Real Estate Summit, where Real Estate and Connectivity Intersect, is intended to be something different. As veterans of this unique space, we understand who the key participants are and look to provide an innovative experience that offers up a one-stop-shop to learn, network, and ultimately secure new opportunities for your business.

Attendees to Connected Real Estate Summit will explore how today’s in-building connectivity options can help property owners and the enterprise deliver a long-term solution serving tenants, users, and the growing number of connected devices. Event topics:
• CRE – A View From Industry Decision Makers
• Private LTE and the Enterprise
• CBRS – Own Your Network and Become an Operator!
• 5G Realities and Myths
• Case Studies – In-building Network Deployments
• Public Safety and Securing Your CoO
• Smart Buildings and the IoT

There are more than 5 million commercial properties across the US and with less than 10% having their own dedicated indoor network, service providers won’t fund network solutions for the remaining 90%, yet connectivity remains a clear need here. This reality is presenting big challenges while introducing an opportunity for new approaches and new economic models. With the recent rollout of CBRS, Private LTE, Wi-Fi6 and the oncoming train known as 5G, the landscape of solution choices and how they’re funded is anything but clear.
As the Connected Real Estate Summit is integrated with ITExpo, collectively the event will offer a substantial exhibit hall and keynotes and speakers from such tech brands as: Google, Cisco, Comcast, IBM, T-Mobile, Startups, and more. ITExpo, which also includes the collocated events of IoT Expo, will offer up topics and exhibitors across the IT, Enterprise, Service Provider, Intelligent Edge, Smart City, IoT, Machine Learning, and AI spaces. ITExpo – Connected Real Estate Summit – IoT Expo will make a great trifecta next February 12-14, 2020; Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Don’t miss out. To learn more about the Connected Real Estate event, ITExpo, and IoTExpo, the program agendas, and opportunities to attend, speak, sponsor, or exhibit please visit: Connected Real Estate Summit

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