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Connectivity Wireless Helps Enhance Minneapolis High-Rise’s Cellular Coverage – Connectivity Wireless

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Connectivity Wireless Solutions, which provides in-building wireless solutions to commercial real estate owners throughout the United States, recently contributed to Minneapolis’ and the Campbell Mithun Tower’s (soon to be rebranded Two22) efforts to create an enticing environment that balances business and entertainment. The company accomplished this when it installed a new in-building wireless solution that will allow a seamless blending of work, life and community for the building’s tenants and visitors alike.

Construction of the neutral-host, SOLiD Alliance system was completed in June. Connectivity Wireless’ in-building wireless solution leverages 281 antennas, 33,700 feet of Commscope coax cable, and 9,500 feet of Corning fiber to provide a reliable, robust connectivity experience for tenants and visitors throughout the 727,170 square-foot office tower—which is currently the fifth-tallest tower in Minneapolis and the second-highest glass-curtain tower.

“By providing a neutral-host in-building wireless solution throughout the entire building, end users will experience much-improved cellphone coverage and performance,” Connectivity Wireless Senior Project Manager Gary Turner said. “We are finding more and more building management and owner organizations are having to include wireless coverage in their tenant lease agreements.”

The installation process included Connectivity Wireless’ team putting in coax cables, connectors and antennas floor-by-floor, beginning at the building’s top floor, the 42nd, and working its way down. The company did the same thing for the fiber cabling installation. Active equipment was installed in IDF closets and all installation activities were done after normal business hours so tenants’ and building management’s daily operations were not disrupted. To further minimize disruption, Connectivity Wireless coordinated security and postwork clean up in the areas where they worked each day as well as coordinated project working hours in advance to accommodate tenants that operated 24/7 per a global timetable.

Once all of the necessary components were installed, commissioned and tested, the DAS was deemed “carrier ready.” The installation process also included building out unused space on the 42nd floor for the system head-end.

The in-building wireless system installed in this Central Business District Class-A high rise will provide seamless wireless connectivity throughout the building to all mobile device users of participating wireless carriers which Connectivity Wireless is in the process of bringing on the air. Guests will be the beneficiaries of the end-to-end connected environment whether they’re staying on top of daily business operations, keeping in touch with family and friends or using the apps that will enhance their experience in the revamped downtown Minneapolis.

“The management team at Campbell Mithun Tower took a proactive approach in securing their market leadership by investigating, and ultimately acting on, a connectivity strategy that supports their long-term business goals,” said Connectivity Wireless CEO Stephen Bye. “As a partner, our mission is to help our customers make the best technology decisions today – leveraging LTE, Wi- Fi, 5G, LAA, CBRS and private LTE technologies – that will enable them to continually provide the best experience for their customers.”

Improved voice coverage and cellular data capacity account for the immediate benefits of the newly installed in-building wireless solution. There are long-term benefits that will come from this project too, mainly increased property value and tenant attraction and retention. Today, cellular connectivity is the new normal in the commercial real estate industry, and property owners are well aware that reliable wireless is a necessary amenity if they are going to attract top tenants.

“We work very closely with real-estate firms and wireless service providers to ensure their customers have the right solutions in place to meet their needs while unlocking and enhancing the value of the real-estate assets,” Bye said. “Ubiquitous and reliable wireless communication within a building is an essential service in the same way that customers expect to have access to clean water and electricity. Our lives today are anchored by our mobile smartphones, which are essential to our professional productivity.”

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