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Virtual Shows move into the modern era at Connected Virtual Tech Event

This week’s Connected Virtual Tech Event has shown the way for the future of virtual shows by using an innovative new platform called Purple which allowed attendees, speakers and sponsors to actually use voice communication to interact. The event was held Monday and Tuesday and drew almost 1300 registrants to learn, explore, network and exhibit. With a stacked roster of speakers put together by the Event Chair, Darlene Pope, the discussion of a wide range of issues of interest to real estate leaders were explored. Topics like “The Psychology of Making People feel safe as they Return to work”, “Where’s the Money? Creative Ideas for replacing Lost Retail Revenue”, “Digital Transformation: Game Changing strategies and Solutions for the Future of work” and many more. Darlene Pope moderated many of the panels herself, zeroing in on her area of expertise in the digital transformation of real estate, the future of the office, integrated mobile apps etc.

Marc Ganzi, CEO of Colony Capital, did a Fireside Chat with Rich Berliner, the shows host. Marc talked extensively about digital real estate and the rotation from the assets he inherited from his predecessor and the way he is focusing on strictly digital real estate like cell towers, fiber, data centers and small cells. With approximately $47 Billion in total assets his progress in shedding underperforming pieces has been interesting to watch after only four months in the CEO seat.

But the star of the show was the new interactive platform that allowed everyone inside to use their own voice to talk with others. Most virtual show goers have become used to chatting on their keyboards, watching static panels and viewing content two dimensionally. The platform that the Connected Virtual Tech Event used was a derivative of a gaming platform and allowed for far more interaction and was, in many ways, like playing a video game. Attendees created their own avatar and were able to talk, watch videos, play games on the soccer field, take a boat ride and so much more. The post show comments ranged from “That was the best platform I have seen yet for virtual shows”

to “Thank you for the opportunity to experience the Future. I enjoyed my participation, especially the ability to talk, the profiles, and the GOTO. I’ll recommend using it for Virtual campus as well. Well done! Thanks to your team”.

So the future of the virtual trade show is here now and may be here to stay even when we are all vaccinated and back to normal. Will the old tradition of the massive, in person trade show return after the pandemic is over? If we can do a great job of networking, sharing educating and do it safely and economically maybe the Virtual Trade Show is here to stay. Only time will tell but the Connected Virtual Tech Events will continue to innovate and lead the way.

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