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CAREMINDr develops Back-to-Work employee screening tool to help detect early COVID-19 signs

Strong Connectivity is key

CAREMINDr has released the “Back-to-Work” module of its app that will help employers and healthcare organizations screen employees returning to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The company, which delivers mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions so doctors can check in on patients between in-person visits, has made the solution available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for Android.

How the Back-to-Work Solution works

CAREMINDr.’s Back-to-Work RPM solution allows employers to start returning their employees to the workplace with preventive measures in place to identify potential COVID-19 symptoms. Employees answer a series of questions like, “What’s your temperature?” “Are you having trouble breathing?” and “Have you been in contact with anyone that you suspect is COVID-19 positive?” The app will use the employee’s responses to let them know if they’re OK to go to work. If the report isn’t clean, they’ll receive instructions on what they should do next and phone numbers they can call to get help.

“We say the employees become participants in this,” CAREMINDr CEO Harry Soza told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “They provide that information right before their shift starts and it’s sent to a clinical reviewer. It assures that if there’s something amiss that a clinician can get involved quickly and work with the employee to understand what they should do next.”

CAREMINDr developed the Back-to-Work solution after a client group it worked with said its state wanted to know what healthcare personnel could do to help employers and employees get back to work. CAREMINDr’s solution was putting people in healthcare in charge of determining who was healthy to return to work and who wasn’t.

“We wrote this journey that said, ‘You guys can be the referees,’” Soza said. “The employees want to be safe. The employers want their facility to be safe. If you’re in the business of dealing with the public, you want them to feel safe. So, who can actually sign off on the clinical well being to the extent that we can test it now? That’s when we came up with this particular thing.”

What the Back-to-Work Solution means for CRE

Commercial real estate owners are going to want to do everything they can to ensure their tenants’ safety when they return to work. CAREMINDr’s Back-to-Work module could serve as enticing factor that CRE owners can use to get tenants to return to the building—and feel safe in doing so, according to Soza.

“(Back-to-Work) could give (CRE and business owners) the confidence to say, ‘We’re doing everything to protect you,” he said. “There’s this concern because of the nature of the Coronavirus that those places can be dangerous. Everything you do to make it safe makes people more confident about being able to come back to work. Until everybody feels confident, civilians aren’t going to walk in there to transact business. If you’re a business owner and you want to see it happen, being able to tell people you have a program that’s actually working (will help).

Strong connectivity plays a key role in COVID-19 spread prevention

The Back-to-Work module can help employers ensure only healthy employees are entering the workplace. The solution is only as good as the building’s wireless network, however. The app is designed so employee’s health data can be transferred around—making good Internet connection a must.

“You have to have the ability to move data around,” Soza said. “If something’s not right, the way the reviewers and the people who can do something are going to find out it is by being able to connect with you and say, ‘We need to do something here.’ Or, ‘You have an employee who’s stuck and we’re telling him to do this.’ The part of what makes this all work is the beauty of a strong communication backbone. And the fact that we’re all carrying around phones—that’s the magic of this era.”

There’s no certain date for when people will return to their physical workplace. When they do however, CAREMINDr wants to make sure everyone who’s going back is doing so with confidence.

“The only way we go back to work is not by being ordered to do it,” he said. “You have to do it with the idea of responsibility and that people are taking measures. Part of what we built, and part of what the communication backbone allows us to build, is an evolving system. As the world evolves and we come up with simple tests or something that doctors say is the right thing to add, we can add it because we have the connectivity.

The ability to access the major levels of information exchange easily is critical. If you’re off the grid, this stuff does not work well all. The confidence levels won’t be there and your business will be hurt.”

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