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ZTE, China Telecom use 5G for remote coronavirus diagnosis

ZTE Corporation, a telecommunications, enterprise and consumer tech solutions for mobile Internet provider and China Telecom announced this week that they realized China’s first 5G remote diagnosis of the coronavirus pneumonia backed up with the latest 5G technology. 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency (the time it takes for devices to respond to one another over a wireless network) will allow physicians to diagnose and treat the newly spread virus more efficiently and conveniently. The West China Hospital and Chengdu Public Health Clinic Center of Sichuan University are involved with the 5G remote diagnosis.

ZTE constructs 5G in-building coverage areas

ZTE used its CPE equipment to commission 5G services through outdoor 5G signals while it built indoor coverage points. On January 25, the 5G indoor base stations were built and interconnected. The conference room for remote diagnosis and treatment in West China Hospital was initially connected to the remote diagnosis and treatment system.

The following day, ZTE finished the quick construction, optimization, speed test and commissioning of the 5G indoor distribution system at another one of the remote diagnosis and treatment system’s core points. Sichuan health and health commission, West China Hospital, and Chengdu Public Health Clinic Center conducted remote video consultation once the 5G network was commissioned.

Future plans for 5G remote coronavirus diagnosis and treatment

In accordance with the work arrangement of the Sichuan Health and Health Commission, the 5G remote consultation system will take West China Hospital of Sichuan University as the central node, and be the first batch to access 27 hospitals that have accepted and treated patients. Next, ZTE will build China’s first new 5G remote diagnosis coronavirus infection system that will cover three levels—Sichuan province, city, and county, to provide “one network” for remote diagnosis in front-line hospitals that help the city of Wuhan.

Going forward, ZTE will carry out video consultation with the Wuhan front-end medical rescue team through the 5G network, so that critical patients in Wuhan can also enjoy expert diagnosis and treatment services in the West China Hospital.

“With great commitment to the epidemic situation in Wuhan and China, ZTE fully supports operators in guaranteeing communications in the critical period, building an information bridge for life treatment,” the company said in a release.

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